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Originally Posted by ChargerCohen View Post
They mentioned Naanee because his awesome screen beat the Colts; or at least was one of a couple silver bullets. The kid is extremely talented. I don't think there are a whole lot of Charger fans who think Buster Davis is better than him.

I feel the Chargers positioning is about right but I'm puzzled about being lower than the Broncos. Marshall is good, but who else? Jackson doesn't count anymore. I wouldn't take their guys over Chris Chambers and Vincent Jackson, not to mention our other guys who have made plays when called upon.
Your recieving corps is not better than Denvers. I would take Brandon Marshall over any of your recievers any day of the week, by far.

Hell I would take Darrell Jackson over who ever your number 2 is as well any day of the week...

Combined Chris Chambers and Vincent Jackson have 1 one thousand yard recieving year under their belt. Not to much to right home about.

Denver on the other hand has 3, including arguably the best slot reciever in the game today, Brandon Stokley. Aside from that Denver has Keary Colbert who is a solid 4th or 5th option, and 2nd round pick Eddie Royal.

The year before Jackson went to The 9ers he had about 1000 recieving yards and 10 touchdowns in 13 games... I really feel like this signing has been greatly overshadowed.

Last year the 9ers really had no offense what so ever, and it is not like Jackson is at TO status were he will succeed in any situation, so expect a huge bounce back for Darrell Jackson.
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