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iloxygenil hopes to escalate quickly but not get out of hand.iloxygenil hopes to escalate quickly but not get out of hand.
Default NFC South the rest of the way

Carolina is in charge here at 6-2 and they only have 5 games left on their schedule that could even remotely be a challenge to them. 10-6 should be where they end up at worst.

Tampa Bay also only has 5 games that should be in question, 8-8 is not out of the question for them, but neither is 10-6.

New Orleans at 4-4 still have 6 games that will be tough for them as looking ahead for them. But still have a legit shot at 3rd place in the division and a wildcard playoff spot. 10-6 isn't out of the question but it'd be pretty hopeful right now, I see them finishing 7-9 or 8-8.

Atlanta Falcons currently at 5-3 at their half way point the Falcons still have 7 games that will be tough and can't be chalked up as Ws for the dirty birds, the Falcons finish the season with the recently upstart Rams who are the only team I'm leaving off the list, but could be looking to rain on the Falcons parade to the playoffs at the end of the year. The Falcons are opening a crucial 3 game homestand where if they can manage to beat 2 division rivals in the next 3 weeks could state their case as the best team in the division. 10-6 is not out of reach for the Falcons, but to expect more may be overlooking the difficulty of their schedule. My pre-season pick was 8-8, but I see the Falcons finishing no worse than 9-7 at this point with an outside shot at 11-5 as the best they COULD finish. 10-6 if the Falcons split season series with their division opponents is looking like a very real possibility.

Basically every team in the NFC South is still in the hunt, New Orleans has their work cut out for them and Tampa was given a game they should have lost today by Kansas City, but a W is a W and that puts the Bucs still in second place in the division with the Falcons and Saints looking to give chase.
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