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Bohleive hopes to escalate quickly but not get out of hand.

Originally Posted by bigbluedefense
Originally Posted by Bohleive
Originally Posted by stillaraiderfan
Originally Posted by Bohleive
Originally Posted by bigbluedefense
HC's don't need to be X and O guys. Look at Cowher, Schottenheimer etc as examples. Singletary may not be suited as a DC, but can be suited as a HC. He can play motivator, while letting his coordinators coordinate. Theres alot more to coaching than a chalk board. Some of the best coaches out there stress execution over gameplan (Lombardi being the most obvious).
You're on shaky ground there. I would consider both Cowher and Schotty great gameplanners regardless of what you think of their X's and O's skills (which is also debateable), especially Cowher with his timing on trick plays, both on O and ST. Of course this doesn't require you to be a great X's and O's guy per se, but it helps to show that you have a good sense of playcalling. It starts with being a good playcaller; if you can call plays then you show you're able to effectively attack a team, exploit their weakness and adapt. Singletary has never shown that ability. That's not to say he doesn't have it though, and he could be hired if Smith feels that he does without tangible evidence. Being a motivator is good and a big part of being a HC, but not the only part.
How do you know the timing of those trick plays came from Cowher and not Wishenhunt?
As a ravens fan since '96, I know Cowher has been doing these for years. One example: Slash was pre-Wisenhunt, and that doesn't account for all the crazy ST trick plays he's called down through the years either.
But as a whole, Cowher and Schottenheimer's clock management and style's of passive offense and mental lapses during key situations have been big question marks about their ability to win big games. People forget, if Cowher didn't win the SB, he wouldve been in the same boat as Marty.

Both Marty and Cowher are more known for their ability to motivate and get players to play at their best:the basic fundamentals of coaching. The gameplan is the gameplan, they never wowed you with an impressive X and O strategy. But what they both were able to do is have their team mentally and physically ready to play every Sunday. Singletary can do that. He's a great positional coach, and he can teach basic things that can take each individual player and elevate their game. He would do most of his "coaching" in TC, and let the coordinators coordinate.
I'm not saying that teams don't do this, I am saying that I think Schotty and Cowher are not good comparisons as they were also very good gameplanners in their day. I'm also saying that I don't think that strategy works, that is giving your coordinators total autonomy. You need a singular voice in gp'ing to orchestrate the whole thingand adapt on the fly, otherwise it's chaos and you get last years raiders. Think of a HC as a general and coordinators as a unit commanders. Things work better with one guy making the general startgegy and another guy carrying that out on the battlefield with his unit as he sees fit. A HC must bring an overall philosophy and singular vision to his team, for the season and for each game in terms of strategy. Singletary has never been able to show what he's able to do as a strategizer.
Im not saying that Singletary can't do this, or that he wouldn't be hired even if he can't. I'm saying it's a leap of faith and one that I wouldn't make.
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