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Dark Knight01
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Here is my revised Raider mock if a TRADE DOWN occurs, which it should!

This is what the old man should do if he TRULY wants this team to get TOUGHER, STRONGER, NASTIER in the trenches.

TRADE DOWN no more than 5 spots if they canÖ.

With the 1st pick Draft a beast DE who can do it all and play as a standup pass rusher as well in Everette Brown.

Round 2 draft a DT like Ron Brace or Evander Hood, and then with the other 2nd round pick aquired in the trade down get a OT like Kropok who fits the ZBS and can play RT.

3RD round get a Center like AQ Shipley who can play in the ZBS.

Then in the 4TH round draft a WR like Patrick Turner.

Boom! The team is that much tougher and physical in the trenches and you get nice big target who hasnít peaked yet in Patrick Turner who will be able to contribute right away most likely and can run block.

In the later rounds they should draft a blocking TE who can still catch the ball and a blocking like FB Quinn Johnson from LSU since OíNeal is not going to be ready to play next season.

Thatís a mans draft and it all starts with TRADING DOWN and getting an extra 2nd or 3rd round pick!
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