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starwitness hopes to escalate quickly but not get out of hand.

Ha ha ha. Looks like the Jets fans are just as clueless as thier front office, and I love it. I feel sorry for Rex Ryan, like Mangini, he's had a QB thrust upon him for PR reasons, to the detriment of his football team as a whole. Last year Favre threw away the season while Chad was in Miami leading his team to the playoffs. And this years debaclement will have even longer lasting effects.

Picking Sanchez has nothing to do with football, it has to do with marketing the new stadium, and if you cant see that youre blind. It makes ABSOLUTELY ZERO sense to make that Sanchez trade football wise. Your O Line is average, with little depth. Youre OK at RB, but your WR corps is a joke. And you want to send a green rookie into that line-up? Sparano and Belicek are salivating over the thought of it. Yeah Miami won the East with bad wideouts and average lineman, but they did it with smoke/mirrors, the wildcat, and a veteran QB who is the most accurrate guy in league history.

Your defense should be very good, and they ought to keep you in games, but they will wear down over the course of the season because their offense can hardly stay on the field, much less put up some points. The opening part of your schedule is horrendous, @ Houston, New England, Tennesee, @ New Orleans, @ Miami. Youre staring 0-5 in the face, 1-4 if youre lucky. And at that point the season is basically over. As a fins fan, Im dissapointed, at at least wanted a challenge.

The worst part of the trade was the players given up. Most teams add 7-10 players to thier roster on draft day, you guys added three and lost three, for a net of ZERO. That's going to hurt badly in the back end of the roster, i.e. depth. While the rest of the division was shoring up holes and adding new players, the Jets were busy making sure their seat license sales hit thier target, so that there will be plenty of fans in the seats to watch thier team lose.
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