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TNewFan41 smells like sex panther.TNewFan41 smells like sex panther.TNewFan41 smells like sex panther.

First of all drew bledsoe played, it was romo's first ever serious playing time, so that should end the discussion right there. Second, the most talent doesn't always win, because you won, yet we had more talent. Look at the patriots for instance, they don't have alot of talent, yet they always win.

Plus you have no LBs, no secondary, and you lost tiki, plus strahan is average at best now. The giants are definitly the 4th best team in the East right now.

And I am pretty sure everyone would agree that the Coeboys are the MOST TALENTED, team in the east. That doesn't mean you always win, though.

Our only whole is FS, the least improtant position in football. That is how good our team is.
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