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Default 2010 linebackers

thought I'd start a thread bout our backers and see what y'all think; this is our most solid unit and probably our best since the Lloyd-Brown-etal of the 90s group.
1. James Harrison-(A+); Despite what most morons seem to believe, he did not have a dropoff last year and was a total monster again. His sack total(which is how idiots totally base their assessments of lbs) did drop because; 1;he was dropped into coverage far too many times, 2; he was held at least 30 times without a call, 3; he played the latter part of the season with one arm, 4; he was double, or triple teamed frequently, 5; our secondary sucked so bad he didn't have time to get to qb. If you really watch him, he is the total package; pass coverage, run stuffer and sacker. He chases every play sideline to sideline and no one ever runs by him without physical impairment. Of course his hits rank there with the best in the history of the nfl.
2. Lamarr Woodley-(B+); right now, he is nowhere in James' class but he is better than Harrison was at the same age, so his improvement can certainly catapult him. In spite of his girth, he is not as tough against the run as you would hope. He needs to shed blocks better and use his muscle better. His pass rushing seems to come and go. It was nonexistent early last year, then as dominant as anyone in the nfl later in the year. He looked invisible in preseason, let's hope he cranks it up as the season progresses.
3.Lawrence Timmons-(B-); His grade is based on his inconsistences of the last couple years, He was excellent in pass coverage and the occasional pass rush but weak against the run. His inability to shed blocks and diagnose run plays had me really questioning his long term viability. The new improved 2010 version of Larry is startling. He put on 20 pounds of muscle and likewise seems to have added grey matter. This preseason showed him shedding blockers with total abandon and reading plays like a master. I'm excited that he may have the most upside of our backers and actually be the best inside linebacker in football.
4. James Farrior-(C-); Until last year he was probably a steady B+ to A- type of player, but he got heavy and couldn't cover backs or tight ends and really hurt our D. He dropped the weight and actually looked solid in preseason, let's hope he doesn't go down hill too fast.
5. Keyaron Fox-(C); Probably should be the starter, would on many other teams. Gets and A in stuffing the run, but not as solid in pass coverage. Gives us solid depth should a starter go down.
6. Larry Foote-(C-); Was a solid starter for us but looked weak last year and even worse in preseason. If he was 35 it would make sense but he should still be in his prime. Supposedly, his role is filling in for Timmons if one of the outside guys goes down and Timmons has to slide to the outside.
7. Stevenson Sylvester-(INcomplete); Never heard of him when we drafted him, but was amused that Tomlin almost jerked off talking him up on draft day. Clearly has immense upside and expect him to learn this year and start next.
8. Jason Worilds-(Inc); Couldn't believe we drafted him in round two-thought he was a round four project. Never saw him play in college; only saw clips of games and workouts. His play in camp and preseason has me worried that he will be Bruce Davis' roomate in another year or two.
9. Thaddeus Gibson-(Inc); Couldn't believe he slipped to round four, I wanted him in round two. Seems like a Harrison/Woodley hybrid. Give him a year or two of solid steeler lb training and another monster is on the way.

Anyhoots, let me know what your opinions are, burghers.
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