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Default Trade Question

Ok, i'm a long time (long suffering) Lions fan.

I was looking at some trade possiblities, and wondered how the fans of the patriots would feel about a potential trade in picks.

I know that New England has always had a habit of trading higher picks for multiple lower picks, but could it be time to do the opposite? End up with a Multiple STUD 1st rounders, but give up lower picks that would have to spend time developing?

Looking at the draft value chart the Lions have the 1.13 pick valued at 1,150 points.

New England has many picks, including the 2.1 valued at 580 points, the 2.28 pick valued at 300 points, and the 3.10 pick valued at 220 points.

As fans, would you be in favor of making this trade.

New England would end up with 3 first rounders, 13, 17, 28. giving up their 2nd round picks, and one of their 3rd round picks.

The way I see it, it would be a Win Win for both of our teams. New England having obviously better personal, will only have so many players from this draft make the roster anyway. Having 3 1st round stud picks would be great for you. Picking up the 13th overall pick, would allow you to get one of the premier guys at a position of need. Either one of those stud DL or an AJ Green/Julius Jones.

Lions would pick up 3 lower round picks, which they could really use as they have a plethera of holes to fill / talent to develop.

Overall Trade Value Comparison, Patriots end up a positive 50 points on the value chart. Plus with when the new collective bargaining agreement finally gets signed, you know there will be a rookie salery structure in place, so you wouldn't get slammed with rediculous contracts.

To me it seems fair and a win / win. Just want to get your take. Do you like it, hate it, indifferent... let me know.

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