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Default Most depressing period in your team's history

Florida - I was raised on the Orange and Blue in the 90s. My dad went there and was a mega-fan. We got the weekly newspaper. We got the recruiting VHS tapes every spring. We bought Dillards bags to shake at the screen when Peter Warrick caught the ball. We even had one of those foamy bricks with the Gators logo that read "Bad Call" (any other fans grow up with something similar). Growing up with the Fun N' Gun was something I would never trade for anything. I knew nothing but success until that horrifying day when the Ol' Ball Coach announced he was going to coach the Redskins. I've been thinking a lot about the Zook years in relation to the rough past two years.

I'm not sure which is more troubling. The gators were totally mediocre by their standards during my middle & jr high days, the only thing to enjoy were the occasional upsets that Zook would pull out of his ass. But that felt like something that was going to blow over. The last two years - the decimation of coaching staffs, missuse of talent, weak play in the trenches, undisciplined play, and horrible skill players make saturdays a total bummer. I really feel that the current state is more depressing.

I know I'm spoiled as a Gators fan, but I was curious what other teams fans' have to say. Especially older Canes, Seminoles, Volunteers, Wolverines, Huskers, and Irish fans.
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