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tippa irie
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Originally Posted by Abaddon View Post
Need an OLB, regardless of whether or not it's a converted DE. We'll be running more 4 man lines this year than 3. That's a given. We have 6 viable defensive linemen, and 2 viable LBs. Not only do we need a starting SAM backer, we need depth. There's no one there who can step in and spot start for us. As such, the roster dictates that we're an even front defense right now.

That being said, a nickel DE who can play OLB would be a great pick.

The starting OL is loosely set. But Carlisle (LG) and Barnes (RT) are one year stopgaps at this point. Grabbing replacements for one or both seems viable...especially when you consider there's no a single viable backup on the roster. OL is a significant need.

CB could definitely use an infusion of young talent.

A NT type to groom behind the starting DTs would be a very good idea, especially if we ever actually decide to run a 34. There's really not a NT on the roster. A lotta guys who'd look good as 34 DEs, but no one for the nose. Not unless we're trying to mimic Wade Philips.

RB is a major need. McFadden can't be counted on, and Jones is a complete unknown...other than his long history of injuries. You've got a cripple backing up a cripple. Wouldn't surprise me if Oakland's first pick was a RB.

...Or a TE. Oakland doesn't have a TE. They need a TE if they're going to run Knapp's offense. Don't be surprised if they grab one at #95 if a guy Reggie likes is there.

Don't discount a WR either.
pretty accurate. RM IMO needs to start with the D!!. OLB and DE would be the first two positions I would go after. Id also like a DT next. seymour isnt young and kelley is eeh, okay but need depth!!!!! we grabbed two young CBs last year no need to get more!!! we have also drafted a lot of OL the last few years. I would rather wait for next round of cuts after draft (still have Barksdale). A TE isnt going to put Raiders over the top plus Ausberry has been working with Palmer. RBs are a dime a dozen. Raiders should put all focus on front 7. The defense hasnt stopped the run in a decade. A nasty pass rush will help secondary. Lets face it we arent winning a superbowl this year so lets start building the team the right way. Defense, thats what wins championships!!!
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