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Ozzy is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Ozzy is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Ozzy is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Ozzy is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Ozzy is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Ozzy is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Ozzy is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Ozzy is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Ozzy is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Ozzy is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Ozzy is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.
Arrow 2012 Weekly Prospect Standouts: FR-SR

Gotta love College Football!

Here are my Weekly Prospect threads from the past four years. Enjoy look back, I always do...






Week 1:
*Kyle Van Noy JR OLB BYU: Sick 3/4 or 4/3 OLB prospect, great pass rusher, smart player, should be one of the leaders of a very impressive BYU team this year.

*Justin Jones JR TE East Carolina: Flat out freak, 6-8, can really be a great pass catching TE. If he comes back strong off an injury he could skyrocket up the draft boards, with a good year could easily be a 2nd or 1st round pick on potential alone.

*Le'Veon Bell JR RB Michigan State: Yeah if he continues this play, should be without question the #1 RB taken in the draft, is a complete back that can do it all and has size to boot.

*Brandon Mitchell JR TE/QB Arkansas: What a transition, went from QB to TE, and had a great game as a pass catching TE, and I thought he had a hell of a lot of potential at QB off of last year. Very talented player regardless of the position he plays.

*Corey Crawford SOPH DE Clemson: Kid is a freaking freak show, great size for a defensive end, played much better than last year and would be be surprised come junior year if he is not a possible top 20 pick.

*Vinnie Sunseri SOPH SS Alabama: What a game, big time hitter, tough kid, reacts well, should do great things for Alabama and develop into another fine safety for them.

*TJ Yeldon FR RB Alabama: What an athlete, so quick and fast, behind that line he will easily gain over one thousand yards if healthy even in that crowded backfield.

*Todd Gurley FR RB Georgia: The SEC better watch out, now Georgia has backs just like Bama and LSU, Gurley is a great freshman talent and has such amazing speed for his size.

*Keith Marshall FR RB Georgia: Big thick kid, him and Gurley should be hell to stop one the offensive line improves over time.

*Kaneakua Friel JR TE BYU: Nice looking prospect, big kid, good speed and plays tough, could be a nice tight end prospect once the 2014 draft comes around.

*Duke Johnson FR RB Miami FL: What a class of freshman RB's around the country. Big thick kid, basically won the game for Miami against BC. In Golden's run power offense, he will be a star behind that big offensive line.

*Brandon Ford SR TE Clemson: Where did he come from, great looking tight end, awesome pass catcher even though he is crazy raw still and has suspect hands. But with a big year, he can make a lot of people impressed.

*Seung Hoon Choi SR OG Nebraska: Big thick kid, moves well, tough blocker, should be a very solid guard prospect come draft time, very good potential down the road.

*Vic Beasley SOPH DE Clemson: Made some amazing plays at the end of the game to win it for Clemson. Speed rusher, big time athlete, could be a terror in a 3/4 defense, could develop into a monster edge rusher.

*DeMarcus Milliner JR CB Alabama: Played a great game, looks much stronger than last year. And with that quickness he has always had, he is poised for a real breakout year for Bama.

*Jamal Jackson JR QB/WR App State: What an athlete, so smooth and quick. Has time to develop as well, if he sticks around for his senior year, he could have a chance at quarterback as a project. Or he could be a great WR potentially.

*DeAndre Hopkins JR WR Clemson: Who needs Watkins, Hopkins has ridiculous hands, great route runner, nice speed. Developing into just as good of target as Watkins is, and that is saying something.

*Ameer Abdullah SOPH RB Nebraska: Now Nebraska has a backup to Burkhead, one of the best return men in the game as well. Great speed and quickness, what a dangerous talent.

*Jesse Williams SR DT Alabama: One of many talent DL's on Bama, big kid, great athlete and moves effortlessly. Could be a 1st round pick if he keeps playing this well.

*Preston Hadley SR CB BYU: Very solid cover corner, nice tackler, sound in coverage and could be a good late round get in the draft.

*Beau Blankenship JR RB Ohio: Player to watch develop, hard to fit, quick back, tough, thick and in the NFL today a lot of teams are looking for that change of pace small back.

*Donovan Smith FR OT Penn State: A reason to watch Penn State, big kid, nice athlete and could be a star offensive lineman. Just a freshman and is already playing solid football.

*Andre Ellington SR RB Clemson: Big time game from him, showing amazing toughness and ability to no go down on contact. If he changes from just a quick speedy back to running with more power, he could work his way into being a 1st or 2nd round draft pick potentially.

*Denzel Perryman SOPH ILB Miami FL: Very solid ILB prospect, one of the best in his class without question and should be the best linebacker on Miami this year.

*JD Woods SR WR West Virginia: Where did he come from, showing great hands, runs smooth routes and has good speed. In that offense he is going to kill it this year and possible even sneak into the draft along the way.

*Sio Moore SR OLB UCONN: Very quick outside rusher, very hard to block in pass protection and is one to watch throughout the year.

*Tavarres King SR WR Georgia: Has developed nicely, shows big time speed and with a solid year he could really climb up the draft charts with that speed he has.

*Lance Ray SR WR East Carolina: Nice athlete, shows great speed and quickness with being such a thick and large receiver. Should be one to watch develop this year before the draft.

*Kyle Carter FR TE Penn State: Smooth pass catching tight end, can block a little as well. Should develop nicely over time in that tight end focus offense of O'Brien.

*Andre Hal JR CB Vandy: Nice corner, very good speed and solid hitter in the secondary, could develop nicely. Will help replay Heyward in their defensive secondary.

*Will Compton SR ILB Nebraska: Played well, was productive and active, showed more speed than years past, could have a big year for them.

*Aundrey Walker SOPH OT USC: Another fine athlete on that offensive line, long, good frame and decent in pass protection.

Taylor Lewan JR OT Michigan: Had an awful game, Hubbard killed him off the edge, he had tons of penalties and got beat a lot. Solid prospect but good thing he is a junior and can still develop over the next two years. Can turn it around though, has talent and toughness.

Marquess Wilson JR WR Washington State: Some other freshman receivers on Washington State looked better than him, for being pretty hyped up to start the year he did not play great.
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