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Originally Posted by jrdrylie View Post
You can't look at the entire history of Super Bowls. The NFL has drstically changed into a more pass-centric league in the last few years. And in that time, 50% of the defense were below average. You want to olyl talk about pass defense? Okay...

2011 Giants (29th), 2011 Patriots (32nd), 2009 Saints (26th), 2008 Caridnals (22nd), 2007 Bears (27th), 2005 Steelers (16th), 2005 Seahawks (25th). So 50% had below average pass defenses. You don't like total yards? Let's do passing TDs allowed.

2011 Giants (25th), 2011 Patriots (22nd), 2008 Cardinals (32nd), 2007 Patriots (18th), 2007 Giants (20th).
The 2011 Patriots and 2008 Cardinals were outliers that didn't even win the game.

And again, the most efficient way to evaluate pass defense is via the ANY/A stat, not total passing yards and not even passing TDs.

If you do it that way, you see that basically only the 2011 Patriots and 2008 Cardinals had below average pass defenses (ANY/A on defense higher than 5.5).

Both 2007 Giants and 2011 Giants teams had their struggles during the regular season, and I would chalk them off as outliers as well, but I think this has more to do with really bad stretches of games during the regular season for both teams, and probably due in no small part to injury.
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