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Eazy Picks
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Eazy Picks is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Eazy Picks is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Eazy Picks is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Eazy Picks is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Eazy Picks is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Eazy Picks is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Eazy Picks is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Eazy Picks is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Eazy Picks is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Eazy Picks is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Eazy Picks is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.
Default Eazy Picks Week 7

Ok went 7-6 last week, putting me to 55-35 on the season. Here goes week 7

Week 7 Picks

Seahawks (4-2) at 49ers (4-2)
The 49ers and Seahawks will be fighting for first place in the division, and it could be a defensive battle for the ages. The 49ers defense should come into this game angry after being embarrassed by the Giants in Candlestick just a few days ago. If they can shut down Marshawn Lynch, it could be long day for Russell Wilson, who will likely struggle against the 49ersí pass-rush. Seattleís defense is tough against the run and pass, and the 49ers will need to stay disciplined on offense.
My Pick: 49ers

Redskins (3-3) at Giants (4-2)
Both teams are riding high into this game, which could serve as a reality check for the Redskins. With a win, the Giants could put themselves solidly into first place in the NFC East, but they will need to play well at home for a change. Robert Griffin has been having a phenomenal rookie year, but he has never seen a group of pass-rushers like this before. The Redskins secondary has been getting torched this year, so Eli Manning could be in for a big day.
My Pick: Giants

Cardinals (4-2) at Vikings (4-2)
The Cardinals are really beat up right now, with QB Kevin Kolb and running backs Beanie Wells and Ryan Williams all sidelined. John Skelton will be back in the lineup, but he could be hurt again soon if the offensive line doesnít start protecting better. Jared Allen is one of the leagueís best pass-rushers, and he has to be licking his chops. The Cardinals need their defense to turn in a dominant performance and put the clamps on Adrian Peterson, Christian Ponder, and Percy Harvin.
My Pick: Cardinals

Cowboys (2-3) at Panthers (1-4)
The Panthers are coming off their bye and need a win bad. Cam Newton has been struggling and will need to get back on track against a stout Dallas defense. It would make his life a lot easier if they can get Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams going. The Cowboys will be without HB DeMarco Murray, so it will be on Felix Jones to give them some production in the run game and take pressure off Tony Romo.
My Pick: Panthers

Saints (1-4) at Buccaneers (2-3)
The Saints went into their bye coming off their best performance of the year, and will travel to Tampa to play a Buccaneers team coming off their best game of the year. The Bucs have been porous on defense this year, and could have a hard time slowing down Drew Brees. On the flipside, Josh Freeman looked real good last week and the Saintsí defense hasnít been stopping anybody this year.
My Pick: Saints

Packers (3-3) at Rams (3-3)
The Rams have been perfect at home this year, but that could be coming to an end this week. The Rams have a solid defense, but it may be no match for Aaron Rodgers, who is playing with a lot of confidence right now. The Rams have had serious protection problems up front, meaning Clay Matthews could be adding to his season total of 8 sacks. Sam Bradford needs to be very careful with the ball against the Packersí opportunistic defense.
My Pick: Packers

Ravens (5-1) at Texans (5-1)
Both teams are hobbling into this battle for AFC supremacy. The Texans will try to after the Ravens beat-up defense, while Ray Lewis will try to rally his troops from the sideline. Aaron Rodgers torched the Texan secondary last week, and Joe Flacco may need to do the same this week if the Ravens are going to win this game. The determining factor though, may be if the Ravens can get their ground game going.
My Pick: Texans

Browns (1-5) at Colts (2-3)
The Colts made an inspirational comeback at home in week 5, but fell on their faces in New York last week. They are still dealing with a number of injuries on defense, but the Browns offense isnít very imposing. The Browns will try to capitalize on the Coltsí vulnerable run defense, but Trent Richardsonís health is going to play a key role in their ability to do that. Andrew Luck needs to put together a strong performance and lead his team to another home win.
My Pick: Colts

Titans (2-4) at Bills (3-3)
Matt Hasselbeck will start again for the Titans, who have had 10 days to prepare for this contest. Chris Johnson finally woke up last week, and will look to build on his success against the Billsí struggling run defense. On the other side, CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson could get loose against a Titan defense that hasnít looked good all year. Ryan Fitzpatrick should have plenty of time to throw against the Titansí anemic pass-rush.
My Pick: Bills

Jets (3-3) at Patriots (3-3)
Rex Ryan is putting on a confident face for this game, because he knows his team is a huge underdog here. Brady was forced to pass all game against the Seahawks, and the Patriots will want to get back to running the ball this week. The Jetsí run defense hasnít been very stout, which should allow for a more balanced attack from the Pats. The Jetsí offense looked good last week, but they are capable of falling apart at any time.
My Pick: Patriots

Jacksonville Jaguars (1-4) at Oakland Raiders (1-4)
These two teams played a highly entertaining game 2 years ago and they will be scratching and clawing to get their second win here. The Raiders defense put together a great effort against the Falcons, and if they play nearly as good this week, Blaine Gabbert could have a rough day. Of course, the Raiders are the most unpredictable team in the league. This game could come down to which star running back plays better: Darren McFadden or Maurice Jones-Drew.
My Pick: Raiders

Steelers (2-3) at Bengals (3-3)
The Steelers have simply been decimated by injuries this year, and need to find a way to gut out a divisional win in Cincinnati. They got upset by the Titans last Thursday and need to find a way to regroup and hand the Bengals their third straight group. The Steelers are extremely mentally tough and have one of the leagueís best clutch QBs, so you have to like their chances.
My Pick: Steelers

Lions (2-3) at Bears (4-1)
The Lions would love to get a win here and get back in the divisional race. Theyíre going to a big game from Calvin Johnson, because they are going to have a hard time going other places against this defense. QB Jay Cutler has been playing great, but the Bears need to remember to run the ball and control the clock. They canít let the Lions turn this into a fast-pace, pass-happy game. The Bears want to wear down the Detroit defense and not give Stafford too many opportunities.
My Pick: Bears
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