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TACKLE is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.TACKLE is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.TACKLE is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.TACKLE is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.TACKLE is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.TACKLE is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.TACKLE is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.TACKLE is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.TACKLE is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.TACKLE is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.TACKLE is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.
Default bish don't kill my vibe

1. Kansas City Chiefs - QB Mike Glennon, NC State

As things stand right now, I have a hunch that Glennon will be right in the mix with the other top QB's and could emerged as the #1 guy on some boards. Although his inconsistency might suggest otherwise, I kinda feel as if he may be perceived as the cleanest/safest QB. Gets check marks across the board with no real physical or mechanical deficiencies and from what I've heard, he'll be a guy who'll really impress teams with his understanding of the game. Word is Chiefs scouts have spent a lot of time at NC State throughout this year. I don't really trust Pioli in regards to QB's and do think that he would be more inclined to take the perceived safe QB atop the draft. As of right now I think that QB will be Glennon. Vidae, I'm so sorry.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars - DT Star Lotulelei, Utah

I think they ride the Blaine train for at least one more year, especially with this QB class. Every position on their D-Line needs to be upgraded so they go with the highest rated defensive lineman on the board.

3. Cleveland Browns - OLB Jarvis Jones, Georgia

Cliche pick. Still not entirely sure I like him this early but they need to upgrade the LB position and their pass rush. Kills two birds with one stones assuming he can be utilized in that Von Miller role. His medical will be something to monitor closely.

4. Carolina Panthers - OT Luke Joeckel, Texas A&M

The crappiness of the Panthers O-Line has been somewhat overlooked as of late and I can't help but think it's affected Cam's progression or lack there of.

5. Oakland Raiders - QB Geno Smith, West Virginia

Don't think they *have* to force QB but they're in a good position to take one with Geno and Tyler on the board. Could go either way with this one. I'll go with Geno for now.

6. Buffalo Bills - QB Tyler Wilson, Arkansas

Personally, he's head and shoulders my #1 QB and would have been close behind Luck on my board had he come out last year. Just such a naturally gifted passer who throws under duress as well as any college QB I watched. With his arm and athletic ability I think he'd be a great fit for Chan and it's nice to have a strong arm QB in a city like Buffalo. Wouldn't have to start right away either.

7. Philadelphia Eagles - OT Jake Mathews, Texas A&M

What to do about Philly. They have no business picking in the top 10 yet here they are. Theoretically if they don't get better, Foles is not the guy and I'm not really expecting he will be long term. However, I don't see a QB here worth taking. Barkley's shortcomings will become even more prevalent as we move forward and I think his stock will probably continue to tumble. If they were to take a QB, don't really know what type of player they should be looking for with Andy potentially gone. Might be some good options in late 1/early 2. Mathews is actually my favorite OT in this draft and he's a plug and play starter at RT.

8. St.Louis Rams - LB Manti Te'o, Notre Dame

Bad spot for the Rams with the top OT's gone. Could take a NT like Hankins but don't see them investing a 4th first round pick in DL. WR value is off and I think they'll let the guys they have develop. No RB or S worth the pick here. They might have to reshuffle things a little but Te'o is arguably the top player on the board and they can find a starting spot for him.

9. New York Jets - OLB Dion Jordan, Oregon

Similar situation as Philly but they have no QB on their roster who might not suck. Don't see them replacing Sanchez with Barkley. Too similar in their skill-sets. Maybe another QB emerges like Manuel or Dysert but for now they may be in a similar boat as Philly where they may be better off getting someone in the late 1st/early 2nd. This team is deprived of pass rushers and Jordan would be a great fit for them. His stock should only continue to rise throughout the workout circuit.

10. St.Louis Rams - OT Eric Fisher, Central Michigan

With two first rounders, they can't neglect OT. Better value here. Fisher has a great frame and a strong base. I feel he's gotten more physical throughout the year. With his length and movement skills, I expect he'll be steady riser and OT's always get pushed up anyway.

11. Tennessee Titans - DE Ezekiel Ansah, BYU

Gets labelled raw because of his inexperience but is much more advanced with his hands and his ability to find the ball than you'd expect him to be. Not many teams are going to pass on an athlete like Ansah. His length, athleticism, motor combo is pretty special.

12. Cincinnati Bengals - DE Damontre Moore, Texas A&M

DE's have underachieved and replacing Robert Geathers is long overdue. Such a deep class for DE. Could easily be Mingo, Montgomery, Carradine, Werner, etc. but Moore's combo of length, production and athletic ability should stand out.

13. San Diego Chargers - CB Jonathan Banks, Mississippi State

It always seems like the Chargers can go in a lot of different directions with their first round pick. I like the fit of a Justin Hunter here but they have some young WR's they like with Brown coming back from injury. Hankins maybe. OL maybe but don't love the value. Banks is a much needed replacement for Quinton Jammer.

14. Miami Dolphins - WR Keenan Allen, Cal

Hard to say how much his production dip and recent injury will affect his stock but his talent is evident whenever you watch him play. WR is obviously a glaring issue for the Phins. Between he and Justin Hunter, I think Allen is really good fit in Philbin/Sherman's offense.

15. New Orleans Saints - DT Jonathan Hankins, Ohio State

I think they have something with Akiem Hicks so I'm reluctant to give them a DT over a DE but I really think Hankins is the best value here. With his quickness, he can easily play the 3 (actually where I like him most). His burst and balance are super impressive for his size. Saints management in the past has always favored value over forcing immediate needs early but whether the same management will still be in place in unknown.

16. Dallas Cowboys - OLB Barkevious Mingo, LSU

Not as high on Mingo as others. He's been pretty underwhelming this year and I wonder if he can be a down DE in a 43. Not to say he can't be a lot better but he reminds me of Manny Lawson. He's a great athlete with great length. Dallas needs to improve their O-Line and Warmack would be tempting as would Elam/Reid but an athlete like Mingo opposite of Ware would be tough to pass on especially with Spencer heading into free agency.

17. Arizona Cardinals - QB Matt Barkley, USC

Barkley's 'fall' ends here. Not the best QB to put behind such a deficient O-Line but he will be hard for them to pass - especially without an OT with good value available at this spot. Could go with Warmack but it's tough to justify passing on a QB for a guard. I kind of have this idea in my mind that Whis likes big, big armed QB's like Ben and Skelton but at the same time, he rode Warner and went out and got Kolb so I'm not sure if that's true. I think it's possible that someone like Dysert or Manuel could overtake Barkley but I'm sticking with him for now.

18. Detroit Lions - DE Bjoern Werner, Florida State

Avril's future is up in the air and KVB is getting old. Big fan of the fit, both the player and the scheme. I like Warmack here too.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - CB Xavier Rhodes, Florida State

If he can run 4.55 or under, he should be an early pick. Probably the closest thing to a 'shutdown CB' in college football this year. Excellent combo of size, strength and ball skills. Could definitely go DE here as well.

20. Minnesota Vikings - WR Justin Hunter, Tennessee

Some DT's and guards I like a lot here but the passing game deficiencies need to be addressed. Give Ponder every opportunity to succeed.

21. New York Giants - DT Sheldon Richardson, Missouri

I'm a little reluctant to go OL over DT just given that they notoriously take D-Lineman early and are willing to wait on offensive lineman. Going back and forth between Warmack and a DT here. Ended up going with the DT. Similar to Marvin Austin but actually a good player. He's always had a ton of talent but his consistency and motor have really improved this year. Should be a fast riser when he runs 4.7 at 295+.

22. Seattle Seahawks - WR Cordarrelle Patterson, Tennessee

Two drafts in and we've already learned to expect the unexpected with Pete. The defense is strong and young and the general lack of talent at WR has been the most noticeable issue for this team. Cordarrelle is a ways as away as a pure WR but I can't remember remember a guy who was as elusive as he is at his size since......? One of those guys who'll they have to be patient on his development but he's just so talented and is one of those guys you need to manufacture opportunities to get the ball in his hands.

23. Pittsburgh Steelers - LB CJ Mosley, Alabama

I guess people said this with Hightower too but his just feels like a perfect fit. Mosley might be the most well-rounded LB Saban's had since he's been at Bama.

24. Denver Broncos - DE Tank Carradine, Florida State

Another Seminole. Denver has been forced to play their 2nd round pick at DE on early downs because they don't have a DE who can adequately fill that role. I think Tank may go even earlier than this if he tests as well as some anticipate. He has the size, strength and length to be a strongside base end but those physical attributes will also allow them to kick him inside when Von comes down to rush. Physically, I see a lot of similarities to Tuck.

25. Indianapolis Colts - G Chance Warmack, Alabama

I'd like to see them improve that D-Line but Warmack is a great value here. He's been one of my favorites since last season and it's pretty exciting to see him getting all this recognition. He doesn't have ideal size and isn't going wow anyone with his athleticism so he may drop a little lower than he is tape would indicate he should.

26. New England Patriots - DT Sylvester Williams, North Carolina

Pats can go in a ton of different directions as usual. Secondary, OL and even WR stand out this year. Given the board, I like Williams' fit here. Can play both spots inside in an even front and end in an odd front. Kyle Love has turned into a quality player for the Pats and big Vince is aging but still going strong. Still, I feel as they could use another big, athletic body in the mix who can give them flexibility. Initially I thought Williams was just another UNC defender ESPN was overrating but I've come away really impressed each time I've watched him. Athletic, plays with good leverage and knows how to use his hands. But with the Pats, who knows.

27. Green Bay Packers - S Matt Elam, Florida

Will get devalued a bit because of his size but Elam is just a flat out playmaker. First thing that stands out is he's very physical. He's always around the ball making plays. Former stud RB recruit in HS so you know he's an athlete. His man coverage skills in the slot are very impressive as well. Maybe not the best DB prospect, but I think he might be the best DB in this draft. Some prefer Eric Reid but Elam's play has been a cut above this year.

28. San Francisco 49ers - CB Dee Milliner, Alabama

Personally, I'm not as high on Milliner as others appear to be. It's not that I don't think he's a quality cover man, more so that I just don't see any stand out traits. San Fran has the ability to go BPA here and Milliner is likely that. Really like his fit on this team.

29. Baltimore Ravens - LB Arthur Brown, Kansas State

I feel like every other mock I've seen this joining this site has had the Ravens taking an ILB. Unfortunately, Ray Lewis is mortal after all. Dannelle Ellerbe has actually had a very solid year as his replacement but we need to get faster on defense, specifically in the front seven. Arthur isn't a traditional 3-4 ILB because of his size but the game is changing. We're seeing more and more teams look for athletes inside of their 3-4. Darryl Washington is the posterboy but Bruce Carter and Sean Lee are both guys who look very good who no one would have likely pegged as fits in a 3-4. Adding Arthur would go along ways to improving the overall speed of what's honestly a relatively slow front seven.

30. Chicago Bears - OL DJ Fluker, Alabama

Same thing I just said about the Ravens could probably be said about the Bears and O-Lineman. Although I would be curious to see Fluker at tackle, I think he has the ability to be an elite guard with his size, power and surprising flexibility. Obviously a legit LT who can pass protect would be ideal but I don't see that guy available. I thought about Lewan but Michigan O-Line never leave early. I'm not really sold on his pass protection skills anyway. Maybe there will be another guy who will emerge. The interior O-Line isn't much stronger at Fluker is a plug-and-play at either guard spot. Kevin Minter from LSU is a guy who might be appealing here. Athletic, aggressive, can play inside or outside. Also considered Dallas Thomas from Tennessee but I really think Fluker is capable of being an elite starter inside.

31. Atlanta Falcons - DT Jesse Williams, Alabama

Defense has really stepped up this year but I see room for improvement across that D-Line. A pass rushing DE might be the most apparent need and Sam Montgomery is on the board. Problem is, Sam is stiff and might not be that pass rushing presence they need. Maybe I'm undervaluing him although he was the other guy I considered at this spot. I just like the physical element Williams brings to the middle of that defense. Could be a rock in there at that 1-tech spot working behind Babs, eventually taking over that starting role.

32. Houston Texans - LB Alec Ogletree, Georgia

If I felt Lewan was declaring, he might be an ideal fit for them at RT. Despite the success of their offense, their O-Line has been able to maintain the same level of play they had before they lost a few of their starters. Cushing should bounce back fine after that torn ACL but they could use someone athletic next to him. I don't love Ogletree inside a 3-4 because he struggles to work through traffic but same thing I said in the Ravens explanation about athletic, undersized 34 ILB's holds true here. He's a great athlete, great in coverage and really thrives in space. Perfect guy to pair with Cush.

Just missed: Tavon Austin, Anthony Barr, Kevin Minter, Jordan Poyer, Sam Montgomery, Dallas Thomas

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