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Default End Season Mock pt II *Bowls* 3 Rounds

sup. updated 1/14

returning: - Jake Matthews - Taylor Lewan - C.J. Mosley - Anthony Barr - Jason Verett - Logan Thomas - Jordan Matthews - J.Jeffcoat - Antone Exum - Rico Allen - Justin Gilbert - Gabe Jackson - Jonathan Brown - Aaron Murray


1. Kansas City Chiefs – James "Tyler" Wilson /QB/ Arkansas:
Never seen a guy take as many lights out shots but keep getting up and producing. If the past 2 seasons for the Razorbacks hasn't ruined him he'll be a more then solid pro. Plays with a chip that he'll bring to any team. Great arm talent/adequate mobility. And doing it with only one real weapon-having almost an identical season as last year's when he was supposedly surrounded with top WR talent. I'd take him over any other QB in this class. NFL comp. Tony Romo

2. Jacksonville Jaguars - Bjoern Werner* /DE-OLB/ Florida State:
I haven't been really high on Werner but he's showed a knack for playing big in big games. Have him now as the first DE taken because he gets off the ball better then anyone in this class. NFL comp. Chris Long

3. Oakland Raiders – Star Lotulelei /DT/ Utah:
Dennis Allen's already on the hot seat. Safe bet they take the highest rated defender available here. NFL comp. Ndamukong Suh
*previous DaMontre Moore

4. Philadelphia Eagles – Luke Joeckel* /OT/ Texas A&M:
Yes, it’s hoped Peters stays upright and makes it back but he’ll be entering the downside of his career coming off a serious injury. Joeckel is possibly the surest offense side player available and if the new Eagles regime wants to play it safe, he’s their guy. NFL comp. Joe Thomas

5. Detroit Lions - Ezekiel Ansah /DE/ BYU:
A one year wonder and raw but much further along then he should be with his experience. Incredible athlete at 270lbs that will shine at the combine. Already an outstanding run defender, if he responds quickly to pro coaching in the upcoming workouts/practices and shows he can come off the ball better, he'll be a top ten pick. In a bizarre twist, Suh might make a great mentor him. NFL Comp. Mario Williams
*previous Manti Te'o

6. Cleveland Browns – DaMontre Moore* /DE/ Texas A&M:
I thought Moore would have a strong season but he looks better then I envisioned. Huge fan now. They moved him to DE after playing as a stand up OLB last year and he's dominating. He's everything you hope Mingo can be. He can play up or down and moves around in the Aggies defense. Jarvis Jones should be the pick but I think Lombardi will pass. NFL comp. Willie McGinest
*previous Dion Jordan

7. Arizona Cardinals - Matt Barkley /QB/ USC:
Barkley's extremely hard to project. He's getting knocked for this season's performance and the lack of measurables but i'm not willing to bet against him. He's got elite timing and accuracy and very sneaky athleticism in the pocket. NFL comp. Drew Brees

8. TRADE Indianapolis Colts (BUF) – Jarvis Jones* /OLB-DE/ Georgia:
Jones' medical condition is downright scary. How far he drops because of it is the question. He's been playing at a high level with the condition for awhile but even if there isn't a catastrophe in his future, his longevity is seriously in question. For now he's a first rounder but he will be taken off a lot of teams boards. There’s a good chance if/when he falls a team that really covets him and is confident in his health trades up for him. (Grigson) NFL comp. Chad Brown

9. New York Jets - Dion Jordan /DE-OLB/ Oregon:
Recent news of surgery to repair torn labrum should prevent Jordan from showing out in pre draft workouts and halting a likely draft board rise. Especially raw, but the mobility of a DB and the size of a DE. NFL comp. Mathias Kiwanuka
*previous Tyler Bray

10. Tennessee Titans - Sheldon Richardson* /DT/ Missouri:
Actually considered Elam this high but a dominating interior pass rusher could get the Titans D over the hump. That said, Martin and Cassey are pretty solid DTs but neither are great pass rushers. Richardson is ridiculously athletic for a bigger guy. NFL Comp. Darnell Docket
*previous Ezekiel Ansah

11. San Diego Chargers – Oday Aboushi /OT/ Virginia:
I like Joeckel & Matthews, but Oday is right up there with them imo and more athletic then either. If he dominates like I think he will senior week, with Matthews and Lewan returning, he'll go higher then most expect. NFL comp.
*previous Taylor Lewan, Jake Matthews

12. Miami Dolphins – Tyler Eifert /TE/ Notre Dame:
Eifert is underrated and I think his stock will soar as the draft gets closer. NFL Comp. Jimmy Graham

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Dee Milliner*/CB/ Alabama:
With so few top CBs in this class, Milliner would probably be wise to declare. I def don't see a top ten guy but, who knows, Gilmore went there last year. Right now I think he's just top 20. NFL Comp. Terrell Thomas

14. Carolina Panthers – Cordarrelle Patterson*/WR/Tennessee:
Incredible open field runner for a taller guy. Extremely raw but his upside is off the charts. Smitty could be a strong mentor to help him perfect his craft. NFL Comp. Josh Cribbs -but with elite lateral quickness.
*previous Star Lotulelei

15. TRADE Chicago Bears (NO) - Chance Warmack /OG/ Alabama:
Bears should be serious about the offensive line this draft and make sure they get an upgrade. They give up a 14' 3rd and this year's 4th to grab Warmack here. I'm not sure, though, if it makes more sense to stay put and look at Aboushi. What say you Bear backers? NFL Comp. Jahri Evans
*previous Taylor Lewan

16. St. Louis Rams - Eric Fisher /OT/Central Michigan:
Fisher needs more work but he's a fiery bulked up TE with a lot of upside. NFL comp Joe Staley
*previous Oday Aboushi, Chance Warmack

17. Pittsburgh Steelers - Keenan Allen* /WR/ California:
Te'o's very tempting but Allen’s worth a top ten pick. His stock might take a hit if he recovers slowly from his late season knee injury and Patterson/Austin blaze. NFL Comp. Javon Walker
*previous Cordarrelle Patterson

18. Dallas Cowboys - Jesse Williams /NT/ Alabama:
Not yet getting enough recognition. Williams should become a beast of an interior lineman in the NFL-able to play in any scheme. With the emergence of the Redskins and a likely shift on offense by the Eagles next season with a fresh QB and 2 big time RBs, the Cowboys better be prepared to defend the run. NFL Comp. Antonio Garay

19. New York Giants - Barkevious Mingo*/DE-OLB/ LSU:
Mingo is expected to blow everyone away at the combine but he's doing almost nothing as a part time player this season. Still, he could be something like a better Michael Johnson. NFL comp. Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila
*previous Oday Aboushi

20. TRADE New Orleans Saints (CHI) - Matt Elam*/S /Florida:
As little as he is, if he declares he could rise in this class. Harper has been a liability against the pass for too long. NFL Comp. Dante Whitner
*previous Sheldon Richardson

21. Cincinnati Bengals - Arthur Brown /LB/ Kansas St:
Checked back on ND games for Te'o after that horrid bowl game and compared him with Brown and Minter (vs Miami, Oregon, & A&M). Got to say now that Brown is possibly the best ILB prospect of the three. Undersized but doesn't play like it. He can thump inside while also looking great in space. If the Bengals are looking for a more dynamic upgrade from Mauluga, he's their guy. If he times and tests strong, look for him to rise. Comp. Jon Beason
*previous Matt Elam, Eric Reid

22. St. Louis Rams (WAS) - Tavon Austin /WR-RB/ West Virginia:
Rams could go in other directions but Austin is a top 20 prospect and fits in especially well imo. NFL comp. Darren Sproles

23. Minnesota Vikings - Terrance Williams /WR/ Baylor:
Wiiliams has size and speed but it's his quick feet that I think will make him Baylor's 3rd straight first round pick. Sort of a first round sleeper that should generate momentum after senior week practices. NFL comp. Jeremy Maclin
*previous Keenan Allen

24 TRADE Buffalo Bills (IND) - Ryan Nassib /QB/ Syracuse:
OK-there's no denying now that the Bills would be best served going the same route the Dolphins took last season and draft the QB their recently signed OC & HC coached at SU. Nassib's skill set doesn't set the world on fire but he does everything well and makes good decisions. He's a hard nosed competitor and leader that some GM/HC will fall in love with. Bills could pick up an extra 1st (14') from Indy to drop down and go after their QB. NFL Comp. Christian Ponder
*previous Tyler Bray

25. TRADE. Philadelphia Eagles (SEA) - Geno Smith /QB/ West Virginia
Napoleon's done surprisingly well but it's hard to see a new regime completely confident with him for their future. Once a possible #1 overall pick, Smith's confidence has taken a major hit during WVU's losing skid. He looks rattled and it's affected his accuracy and decision making. Still, his physical skills and arm talent are solid, and he generally shows great poise and always top notch work ethic. NFL comp. Aaron Brooks

26. TRADE New York Jets (GB) - Tyler Bray* /QB/ Tennessee:
As the pre-draft workouts edge closer I think it'll become clear that Bray has the most arm talent of any QB in this class. The question will be where his head's at. He's got a Cutler/Stafford caliber arm but seemingly the intangibles of Matt Leinart. If coached well he'll be the 2nd best QB out of this group. Rex has stated he wants a more aggressive, attacking offense. With Bray's arm that's entirely possible. Rex is also the type of master motivator that Bray could really respond to. NFL Comp. Ryan Mallett
*previous Ryan Nassib, Brian Winters

27. Houston Texans – Eric Reid* /S/LSU:
Reid started off the season slow but has really picked it up of late. NFL comp. William Moore
*previous Matt Elam

28. Denver Broncos - Eddie Lacy*/RB/ Alabama:
Superbly talented but also playing behind a phenomenal line. Still his feet, agility and speed at 225+ is special. NFL Comp. Steven Jackson
*previous LeVeon Bell

29. Baltimore Ravens - Manti Te'o /LB/ Notre Dame:
Perhaps I'm jumping the gun, but Te'o's performance against the first NFL caliber front he's faced was pretty awful. Some games count more then others and based off that championship game, it's hard to still justify him as a top 10 pick. His play reminds me of Mauluga but his intangibles are Ray Lewis. NFL comp. Rey Mauluga
*previous Barkevius Mingo

30. Atlanta Falcons - Margus Hunt /DE/ SMU:
Overaged but ought to be a first rounder and really a bargain as a late first rounder.
*previous Corey Lemonier

31. New England Patriots - Jonathan Hankins* /DT/ Ohio State:
Top 15 talent but questionable motor and poor game tape late has his stock dropping. But BB likes his DTs.

32. San Francisco 49ers - Corey Lemonier* /DE/ Auburn:
Lemonier has been one of the most consistent rushers in the country for awhile. NFL Comp. Shawn Merriman
*previous Margus Hunt


33. Jacksonville Jaguars - Mike Glennon /QB/ NC State:
I think Henne is playing well enough to be the starter moving forward but the next HC will want a guy to groom as well. I was initially impressed how Glennon's came along this season...then I took a look at him vs Virginia and it all fell apart-ditto his bowl game. Might pick up big numbers in the right offense but will probably never shake the tendency to make unforced mistakes. Buyer beware. NFL Comp. Derek Anderson
*previous Tyler Bray, Ryan Nassib, E.J. Manuel

34. Kansas City Chiefs – Cobi Hamilton /WR/ Arkansas:
Huge fan of Hamilton. He's been unstoppable for the Razorbacks this season and has no weaknesses to his game. NFL Comp. - Denarius Moore

35. TRADE Seattle Seahawks (PHI) – Alec Ogletree* /LB/ Georgia:
Fills the stat sheet on a talented Georgia D but is still pretty raw. NFL Comp. Kevin Burnett

36. Detroit Lions - Johnthan Banks /CB/ Mississippi St:
Stock depends on how well he looks senior week. NFL Comp. DRC
*previous Xavier Rhodes

37. Cincinnati Bengals (OAK) – Xavier Rhodes /CB-S/ Florida State:
Rhodes has the size and tackling ability to play safety if needed. NFL comp. Gary Baxter
*previous Johnthan Banks

38. Arizona Cardinals - D.J. Fluker* /OT/Alabama:
Good coaching and D.J.'s a pro bowler.

39. Cleveland Browns (supp) - Josh Gordon /WR/ Baylor:
Supplemental pick Flash has been the Browns best WR this season. That's good and bad. NFL comp. Vincent Jackson

40. TRADE Green Bay Packers (NYJ) - Giovanni Bernard* /RB/ North Carolina:
Not as fast as the big runs would indicate and has some durability concerns, but can make something out of nothing with impressive natural running skills. NFL Comp. Ahmad Bradshaw

41. Tennessee Titans – Jonathan Cooper /OG/ North Carolina:
Smart, athletic guard some view as better then Warmack. NFL Comp. Davin Joseph

42. Buffalo Bills – Kevin Minter* /LB/ LSU:
Not flashy but Minter looks lke a solid pro ILB.
*previous Alex Okafor, Sam Montgomery

43. Miami Dolphins – Will Davis /CB/ Utah State:
Out of nowhere man press guy who can help his stock with a good showing senior week.
*previous D.J. Fluker

44. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Logan Ryan* /CB/ Rutgers:
Under the radar guy having a strong season on a great defense. Size, ball skills-needs to show well in the post season to rise. NFL Comp. Leon Hall

45. Carolina Panthers - Sylvester Williams /DT/ UNC:
Looks a little like Geno Atkins.
*previous Justin Hunter

46. New Orleans Saints – forfeited:

47. San Diego Chargers – E.J. Manuel /QB/ Florida State:
Took a long look at E.J. and even though his skill set is ideal, he struggles to make the easy plays. Boom/bust prospect that will sink or swim depending on the coaching and situation. NFL comp. Dante Culpepper
*previous Logan Thomas

48. St Louis Rams – Kenny Vaccaro /S/ Texas:
The tatted one has not had a stellar season but is still a solid prospect and one of the few high rated in this draft.
*previous Dallas Thomas

49. Dallas Cowboys - Barrett Jones /OC-OG/ Alabama:
Will become more valuable because of his versatility.

50. Pittsburgh Steelers - Le'Veon Bell* /RB/ Michigan State:
Possibly the most slept on prospect right now. Mired on a terrible college offense, Bell will end up a steal in the NFL. Eddie George
*previous Eddie Lacy

51. New York Giants – Lane Johnson /OT/ Oklahoma:
Competes straight away at OT.
*previous Alex Okafor

52. Chicago Bears - Jordan Reed* /TE/ Florida:
Probably a longshot to declare. I've come down on him just a bit. He's still an underrated talent but not quite pre motorcycle K2. NFL Comp. Aaron Hernandez

53. Washington Redskins – Tony Jefferson* /S/ Oklahoma:
Solid but unspectacular guy upgrades the Skins secondary.
*previous Kenny Vaccaro

54. Minnesota Vikings – Alex Okafor /DE/ Texas:
Okafor is the best Texas defender imo. NFL Comp. Michael Bennett
*previous Khassem Greene

53. Cincinnati Bengals – Khassem Greene /OLB/ Rutgers:
Former safety who's become a dominant defender and arguably the top OLB in the draft.

55. Miami Dolphins (IND) – Justin Pugh* /OT/ Syracuse:
Well regarded OL who wouldn't have come out unless he got a fairly decent grade from the advisory. NFL Comp. Eric Steinbach
*previous Phillip Thomas

56. Green Bay Packers – Sam Montgomery* /DE/ LSU:
Another guy I'm not really sold on but it's hard to tell with all the talent on LSU. Certainly took a hit to his stock after A&M. NFL comp. (taller) Brandon Graham
*previous Lane Johnson

57. Seattle Seahawks - Shariff Floyd* /DT/ Florida:
Big motored, talented DT/DE to add to the mix.
*previous Kawaan Short, Sylvester Williams

58. Houston Texans – Datone Jones /DE/ UCLA:
Athletic for his size and ideally suited for 34 DE. NFL Comp. Cameron Jordan

59. Denver Broncos – Gavin Escobar* /TE/ San Diego St
Big athletic TE who blocks and moves extremely well for his size. NFL Comp. Jason Witten
*previous Robert Alford, John Jenkins

60. Baltimore Ravens – DeAndre Hopkins* /WR/ Clemson:
Hopkins is stepping up big this season for Clemson. The only drawback might be how fast he actually is. NFL comp. Nate Burleson
*previous Stedman Bailey, Justin Hunter

61. Atlanta Falcons - Dion Sims* /TE/ Michigan St:
Probably a longshot to declare but he's foremost a bear of a blocker but with great hands and potential in the passing game. NFL Comp. Marcedes Lewis

62. New England Patriots – Stedman Bailey*/WR/ West Virginia:
High on Bailey since last year when I thought he physically abused Mo Claiborne at the los and out quicked him in the open field. He's underrated due to his big play teammate and should go higher. NFL Comp. Lance Moore
*previous Denard Robinson

63. San Francisco 49ers – Justin Hunter* /WR/Tennessee:
Possible deep & red zone threat if he comes back fully from his knee injury. NFL comp. Malcolm Floyd
*previous Robert Woods


64. Kansas City Chiefs – Jordan Poyer /CB/ Oregon State:
Not the biggest fan of Poyer but he's consistent and productive. NFL Comp. Cary Williams
*previous John Jenkins, Robert Alford

65. Jacksonville Jaguars – Leon McFadden /CB/ San Diego State:
Smallish but solid all around CB prospect. NFL Comp. Leonard Johnson
*previous Jordan Poyer

66. Detroit Lions – Denard Robinson /WR-RB/ Michigan:
Just an explosive playmaker who plays bigger then his size wherever you line him up. NFL Comp. Percy Harvin
*previous DeAndre Hopkins, John Simon, Margus Hunt

67. Oakland Raiders – John Simon /DE/ Ohio State:
He'll drop some because he's an inbetweener but he's one of those potential mid round steals.
*previous DeAndre Hopkins, Shane Skov

68. TRADE Seattle Seahawks (PHI)– Robert Woods* /WR/ USC:
Woods is now the forgotten guy with Lee breaking out. What I like most is his toughness. NFL comp. Santonio Holmes
*previous: DeAndre Hopkins

69. Cleveland Browns – T.J. McDonald /S/ USC:
Browns have a great big hole at S. NFL Comp.
*previous Antone Exum (returning)

70. Arizona Cardinals - Dallas Thomas /OG-OT/ Tennessee:
Versatile and athletic helps out inside and outside.

71. Tennessee Titans – Shawn Williams /S/ Georgia:
Testing well will really help his status and solidify him as a mid round guy.
*previous T.J. McDonald

72. Buffalo Bills – Da'Rick Rogers* /WR/ Tenn. Tech:
Should probably stay another year but circumstances might have him declaring. NFL Comp. Kenny Britt
*previous Gavin Escobar

73. TRADE Green Bay Packers (NYJ) - Kiko Alonso /LB/ Oregon :
If he can convince teams his off field antics are entirely behind him, he could go here or higher with his talent.
*previous Kyle Van Noy

74. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Ace Sanders*/WR/South Carolina:
Lightening quick jumpstarter for the offense and sts. NFL Comp. Devin Hester
*previous Brennen Williams

75. San Francisco 49ers (CAR) – Zach Ertz* /TE/ Stanford:
Ertz doesn't look as good a prospect to me as Fleener, who went high 2nd last year but underperformed as a rookie. Ertz could be a replacement for FA Walker and is still a bargain in the 3rd. NFL Comp. Dennis Pitta
*previous Joseph Fauria

76. New Orleans Saints - Kyle Long /OT/ Oregon:

77. San Diego Chargers – Joseph Randle /RB/ Oklahoma St.:
Quietly stepped up his game in the absence of Weeden and Blackmon. A complete back who should go higher then this. If he continues to get stronger as a pro, he'll be a pro bowl back. NFL comp. softer - DaMarco Murray
*previous Shane Skov, Andre Ellington

78. Miami Dolphins – Gerald Hodges /LB/ Penn State:
Overlooked guy showing the ability at the Shrine to play inside and outside.
*previous Leon McFadden, Da'Rick Rogers

79. St. Louis Rams – Brian Winters /OG-OT/ Kent State:
Unheralded prospect that destroys opponents in the run game creating some late season buzz.
*previous T.J. McDonald

80. Pittsburgh Steelers – Andrew Jackson*/LB/Western Kentucky:
Small school destroyer looks like he could fit.

81. Dallas Cowboys - Montee Ball /RB/ Wisconsin:
Planning for Murray to get through all 16 gms is just wishful thinking.
*previous Gio Bernard, Da'Rick Rogers

82. New York Giants – Bruce Taylor /LB/ Virginia Tech:
Quietly productive prospect that plays run/pass well and rushes effectively.
*previous Jon Bostic

83. Miami Dolphins (CHI) – John Jenkins /DT/ Georgia:
Bust potential for sure but you can't coach up size + motor. Jenkins gets blown off the ball too often for a guy of his size but massive DTs who can move and hustle are rare commodities-I guess. NFL comp. Shaun Smith
*previous Gerald Hodges

84. Minnesota Vikings – Zac Dysert /QB/ Miami (Ohio):
QB competition. And Webb can be sent packing. NFL Comp. Kyle Orton

85. Cincinnati Bengals - Andre Ellington /RB/ Clemson:
Missing that explosive homerun hitter. NFL Comp. Chris Johnson
*previous John Simon

86. Washington Redskins - Nickel Roby* /CB/ Ohio State:
Small man to man tough guy.
*previous Tyrann Mathieu

87. Indianapolis Colts - Larry Warford /OG/ Kentucky:
Athletic for his size will get him drafted higher then his play warrants.

88. Seattle Seahawks – Brennan Williams /OT/UNC:
Coming back from injury, if everything works out, could wind up a steal.
*previous Rick Wagner

89. Green Bay Packers - Mychal Rivera /TE/ Tennessee.:
Finley is such a disappointment.

90. Houston Texans – Phillip Thomas /S/ Fresno St:
Getting buzz as the first S taken, idk about that..
*previous Joseph Fauria

91. Denver Broncos - Quinton Patton /WR/ Louisiana Tech:
Not fast but great feet and stop and start ability with solid size. NFL Comp. Donald Driver

92. Baltimore Ravens - Baccari Rambo /S/ Georgia:
Might wind up a better pro then teammate Williams.

93. Atlanta Falcons – Kawaan Short /DT/ Purdue:
When his motors on, he's a top 20 guy. He could drop because of inconsistency but he'll probably generate buzz though senior week. NFL Comp. Phil Taylor
*previous Brandon Williams

94. New England Patriots – Tank Carradine /DE/ Florida St:
It worked with Cannon.

95.San Francisco 49ers – Bennie Logan* /DE/ LSU:
LSU underclassman sale.
*previous Brandon Jenkins, Kyle Van Oy

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