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Originally Posted by BigBanger View Post
Again, the reading thing, you suck at it. I've said it time and time again that Shanahan has a GREAT system. Maybe if I put it in bold and capitalize it you will take notice this time. I've called him one of the best offensive minds in the NFL. Should I put that in bold? His eye for defensive talent? Pretty terrible, and it's the only reason why he hasn't found success without Elway and Davis orchestrating an unstoppable offense.
And yet you dismiss the effect this system had on Terrell Davis's production.

I never said you claimed otherwise regarding Shanahan. Once again, you're the one who sucks at reading.

Well he has more career receiving yards than Olandis Gary, Mike Bell, Selvin Young and Reuben Droughns had rushing yards while they were in the Broncos system. Pretty weird huh?
You're just cherry picking the backs who either only had 1 year in Denver, or split carries with someone else for a year or two.

Yes, in 78 career games, Davis had more receiving yards than those guys had rushing yards in 35, 20, 23, and 47 games (and not nearly starts). Woo hoo. That really has a lot to do with what we're talking about.

But, yeah, let's act like his 1,300+ receiving yards never happened.
Let's act like 1181 receiving yards in 4 seasons (295.3 yards/season) is impressive for a running back.

Was Davis a better receiving back than these other guys? Maybe. Slightly. But in the end, you're still talking about a run-of-the-mill rusher and receiving back.

Guess they should have stayed healthy or earned a starting job like Davis did. You're the moron that wants to compare these guys to TD. Not me. I think it is stupid, very stupid, but you insist on claiming these guys were equals to Davis. Fact is they weren't. You are the only person in the entire world that would make this stupid argument.
Like Davis did? Davis blew out his knee after 4 seasons, and in only 2 of his 4 seasons did he play every game.

You're using a durability argument. In support of TERRELL DAVIS.

Stop talking.
After you.

Yeah they did.
No, they didn't. Already established how they didn't.

Why? What stats do we use, Bobo? The stats that you want?
How about the stats that are actually relevant?

Oh, no, wait. We should totally use the stats that you want instead. It's only fair to look at blatantly distorted numbers. Take Joe Montana, for example. Man did he suck in 1979. He only threw for 96 yards and 1 TD that YEAR. Failure.

Let's keep it simple and just show what they did while they were in Denver? And I'm just using Davis' first four years because what he did after that was unimportant, kinda like the careers of every running back thats followed Davis in Denver. Make sense? Keep up Mitch.
When have I used anything that wasn't in Denver, other than mentioning that all the backs who tore it up in Denver were ineffective when they left?

No. It's not. You did math earlier, for some stupid reason, so let's try some more. 1 RB plays in 2005. That's call his season. Another RB plays in 2005. That's his season. 1 + 1 = 2. 2 seasons!!!!!
You still don't understand how a running back tandem works.

Damn you, Tatum Bell. You only got 921 yards and 8 TDs in 2005. How dare you. You should have had 1500-2000 yards like Terrell Davis, but, alas, despite averaging 5.3 yards/carry, you just were no Terrell Davis. It is your fault Shanahan rotated you with Mike Anderson, and the two of you combined to post 1935 rushing yards and 20 TDs that year. Let's just ignore that the Broncos had the 2nd best running game in the NFL that year and reached the AFC Championship game...despite the fact that you and Anderson were actually just journeyman-caliber backs.

A bunch of guys obviously needed to have their best seasons added together and then compared to Davis's career numbers. If I take a bunch of Steelers RBs over a decade and then compared them to a four year stint of Bettis', I bet I could make Bam Morris and Barry Foster sound like better RBs, or make Bettis sound like a complete fraud. Or maybe compare them to Franco Harris. Maybe he's a fraud too. How about you start searching those stats. Hurry up. I got bed time in 30 minutes.
No, they didn't need that at all. When you add them all together in the way you did, with "19 years" (LOL!) they blow Davis out of the water.

I never tried to argue that their numbers would blow Davis out of the water, or even exceed Davis in the first place. I argued they had comparable numbers. They don't need all their "years" added together. You can dump all the excess 16 games active, 24-yards-rushing-on-5-carries-as-a-backup garbage and arrive at comparable numbers for 4 years isolated for the main backs involved post-Davis.

I know that, but the postseason is very much apart of Davis' list of career accomplishments. You can cover your eyes and plug your ears and act like they never happened, but they did. Those postseason TDs happened, and they were very important. And I added post season numbers to all those guys career totals. Not just Davis. Because I am in the interest of fairness. You have an agenda: To make inferior one-hit wonders comparable to a guy that was one of the best running backs in the NFL four four straight seasons.
How many postseason games did these guys play in?

Anderson's 2000 season was ended by the 2000 Ravens. You know, statistically the greatest defense in NFL history. But I assume you think Davis would have been plowing right on through that defense because he was just so great.

Adding postseason games into the equation only adds more games played separation between he and the other running backs.

Of course you did. Subtracting bad numbers and extrapolating good numbers. I got it. You're fudging numbers. I completely understand your technique. It's fairly stupid, that's why it's easy to understand.
Is that what you think I'm doing?

No. I'm showing what the feature running back (or in 2005 and beyond, running backs) did for Denver post-Davis.

Gary was the feature guy in 1999. I mention he only did it in 12 games because he only did it in 12 games. Your hero, Terrell Davis, started the first 4.

Mike Anderson was the feature guy in 2000. I subtract out 2 games he didn't play, plus a game in which he only carried 1 time for 3 yards to get the real rushing yards per game figures. You can feel free to do the same with Davis. Davis isn't going to blow any of these guys away.

In 2001, it's too convoluted, with your hero, Davis, starting 8 games.

In 2002 and 2003, it was Portis. In 2003, he missed 3 games outright. Again, I make note of that when posting his numbers. Davis wasn't above missing games with injuries, even before he blew out his knee, so I think it's only fair to look at what both backs were doing per game each year.

In 2004, it was Reuben Droughns. No carries in 2 games outright, and 2 other games with 2 and 8 carries when he was backing up Quentin Griffin. Davis started every game he played in for 4 years, and, with the exception of the 3 season finales I mentioned, was the feature runner for the entire game. These other guys, save Portis, weren't so fortunate.

In 2005, it was the Bell/Anderson tandem. Carries split pretty evenly. They each missed 1 game.

In 2006, it was the Bell tandem. Carries split pretty evenly. Tatum Bell missed 3 games, Mike Bell missed 1.

In 2007, it was Travis Henry and Selvin Young, carries split pretty evenly. 4 missed games for Henry, 1 for Young.

In 2008, it was Pittman, Hillis, Young, Bell, and Hall. A convoluted mess.

I try to avoid 2001, 2007, and 2008, as these seasons are far too convoluted. I haven't really mentioned 2006 too much, but we can do that one, too, if you want.

I'm looking for seasons where the situation was clean enough to make a direct comparison between a starting running back, or a tandem of starting backs. I mention how many games they played in because that's simply doing the right thing.

Joe Montana only threw for 3521 yards and 26 TDs during his MVP 1989 season. What's the big deal about a year like that?

Oh...wait a minute, it might be because he missed 3 games outright and 3 other full halves (New England, @ Atlanta, Chicago), so those numbers were what he posted through 11.5 games.

Turns out Montana's season was just a tad bit better than Boomer Esiason's 3525 yard, 28 TD 1989 season. Esiason had 15 full games, plus a sliver of another, to post his numbers.

Injuries happen. The "durability" argument can be a valid objection, but not when discussing a guy like Terrell Davis.

Don't need to subtract Davis' least productive games and make up excuses. His numbers speak for itself.
OK, then. By that same token, Terrell Davis is the 48th best rusher in NFL history.

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