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Originally Posted by impactplayerx47 View Post
I'm gonna be PISSED if the Bucs drafted a QB any higher than 3. I think Freeman has been given a bit of a raw deal by a lot of Bucs fans. I understand that he certainly had a tough skid during that losing streak, but during that 4 game WIN streak everybody loved the kid!

Does he have some accuracy issues? Sure he does, but I don't think it's fair to say he's NEVER been able to locate receivers (Did we forget 2010? 61% completion percentage 25 TDs, 6 picks). As has been mentioned, he's in his first year in a new offense, AGAIN.

This off season isn't the time to get into Free's head with a bunch of BS, it's the off season to again reassure him that he's going UP, the guy had a SOLID year, and he's only going to be better with another year in Sullivan's offense, with that being said, if Sully bolts for a head coaching gig, I would imagine Freeman would struggle greatly (4th OC in 5 years).

There are a lot of QBs who don't show enough enough poise and confidence on occasion, but if you consider Free's career, and especially his pitiful coaching staff for MOST OF HIS CAREER (and while I like Schiano, the jury is obv. still out), I'm not surprised the kid has been inconsistent. What exactly has been consistent AROUND him? Something important for the WHOLE WORLD TO REMEMBER: RGIII, Andrew Luck, and Russel Wilson are NOT the new norm, they're supernovas ...lol this isn't the norm, people complaining about guys like Flacco, Freeman, even Ryan Fitzpatrick and Alex Smith (pre Kap) to a lesser degree need to really ask the question "who can we get that's better?"...this isn't even a good year to be in the market for a QB (free agency OR draft)!!! I think drafting a QB to bring in for "competition" could be disastrous for Freeman's development, get him an upgrade at TE, and let's watch this offense FIRE OFF with their two stud guards back in play. Bad bad bad move to cut bait on Free, .....just my 2 cents.
I'd be pretty pissed also if we took a QB with a 1st or 2nd round pick. We are right on the cusp of making the jump into a contender, we need to fix the defense. If someone drops into the mid rounds and the value is there then fine.
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