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Poz51 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Poz51 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Poz51 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Poz51 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Poz51 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Poz51 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Poz51 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Poz51 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Poz51 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Poz51 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.Poz51 is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.
Default Mock, Mock, Mock, Super Bowl Edition. 2 Rounds, 2 trades...

3rd Round added 2/11/2013

Random thoughts; I heard someone somewhere compare this QB class to the QB Class of 99’. I agree, lots of iffy type prospects with holes, but a couple will work out. I do however think that a couple (2-3) will go early, but then a couple teams will try to trade up into the first round to grab a guy they like. Anyway, two rounds, two trades, some thoughts and analysis on why I made the picks I did. Intelligent feedback is appreciated, and alternate picks are encouraged with reasoning. After the analysis I have my grades for the player, as well as plus, minus, and equal sign for my opinion on what value the pick would give. A plus means I think the pick gives better value than the spot the player is being picked at, a minus is a pick i believe is a reach, and does not have the value of the spot in which the player is being picked, and an equal sign is a pick I believe is equal value at that spot. I picked the 49ers to win the super bowl at the beginning of the year (picking Xavier Rhodes) and will stick with it for the purpose of this mock, I am going to try to add on a third round next week, enjoy!!

2013 NFL Mock Draft
Round 1 (v3.0)

1 – Kansas City – Geno Smith (QB – W. Virginia)
I think a big part of Andy Reid choosing Kansas City was that they had the first pick in the draft and as a direct result he would have his pick of the litter. Having been given personnel control probably didn’t hurt either… Anyway, I do not have Smith rated as my #1 QB or even as my #2, but I do think at this point he is the best fit for the offense Andy Reid likes to run, and Geno Smith’s skill set can be intergraded into Reid’s west coast/spread/pass first and often offense in a way that can quickly help turn around the Chiefs offense. Quarterbacks in general always rise between the end of the season and the draft, and despite Andy Reid’s “We’ll take the best player available…” b.s., the Chiefs have a glaring need at QB, and with Matt Cassel likely to follow Scott Pioli out the door, they will have plenty of cap space to bring Brandon Albert back, and move forward with Geno Smith as their “franchise” quarterback.
Grade: 2nd Round (-)

2 – Jacksonville – Mike Glennon (QB – N.C. St.)
Despite my objection to this pick, new General Managers and Head Coaches usually result in new quarterbacks, because in all reality that is the reality of the situation and no one wants to go down with someone else’s ship, pet project or in this case Blaine Gabbert. Dave Caldwell has clearly decided to go in another direction with this team, not Tim Tebow, and open up competition between Henne (one year left on his contract), Gabbert (second youngest quarterback in the league, but shown little to date), and I believe a guy (their guy??) of their choosing through the draft. Glennon has a big arm, the look of an NFL QB, is the best QB in the draft throwing between the hashes, and has excellent short range accuracy, particularly when throwing to backs out of the backfield (here’s looking at you MJD…), he also happens to be the streakiest. Again; QB’s always rise between the end of the season and the draft, and necessity is mother of all over drafting. Gus Bradley would love to address an atrocious defense, but will have to wait.
Grade: 2nd Round (-)

3 – Oakland – Star Lotulelei (DT – Utah)
Finishing second to last in sacks is a sure sign that you need help rushing the passer, and having two starting DT’s approaching or already in their mid 30’s is not good. Lotulelei can come in, give the middle of the Raiders defense some youth, create pressure up the middle and help against the run. Currently the 3rd ranked player on my big board, Star is a perfect match need and value wise for the black holers.
Grade: Top 5 (=)

4 – Philadelphia – Luke Joeckel (LT – Texas A & M)
Jason Peters has a roughly a $10,000,000 cap figure for each of the next two seasons, has ruptured the same Achilles Tendon twice in a three month span this past year, and cannot be counted on moving forward. Moving forward, Joeckel gives the Eagles a bookend tackle for the next decade to help them protect their QB. Whether or not it is Nick Foles, I have no idea, but rumor has it that management would like to move forward with him. I have Joeckel rated ahead of Jake Long and just behind Joe Thomas in terms of grades entering their respective drafts at this point , and the second best overall player in this draft, making him a steal at 4 in my opinion. Facing Demarcus Ware, Jason Pierre-Paul and Brian Orakpo a total of 6 times a year makes protecting the quarterback and stabilizing the left tackle position a priority.
Grade: Top 5 (+)

5 – Detroit – Damontre Moore (DE – Texas A & M)
The defensive end position is going to potentially become a huge need for the Lions, are there pieces to step in and help out with the impending FA loss of Cliff Avril and the soon to be retired KVB? Yeah, not impact types, and certainly not anyone with the potential impact and draft value that Damontre Moore brings to the table. Moore is a three down defensive end who can start from day one, is a disruptive force at RE, who plays the run in addition to getting after the quarterback. Moore also happens to be the most talented natural right end in the draft.
Grade: Top 5 (=)

6 – Cleveland – Jarvis Jones (OLB – Georgia)
Personally I think the switch to the 3-4 is counter-productive, and takes the Browns a step backwards in their rebuilding process. Alas, the organization did not ask me for my input. If I were to make the change, I would hire Ray Horton and draft Jarvis Jones if possible myself. Jones medical evaluations will have a lot to say about where he goes in the April draft, however from a purely talent stand point I think he is the most versatile, talented player in the draft, he can rush the passer, cover, and has a excellent feel for the game.
Grade: #1 Pick (+)

7 – Arizona – Eric Fisher(LT – C. Michigan)
It does not matter who your QB is if you cannot protect him. I have been saying it for years, am blue in the face and just don’t understand the continual opposition to having a good offensive line. I see no QB who could help the Cardinals succeed behind the current offensive line, making the offensiveline priority #1 this off-season. However, with Joeckel off the board, Jake Matthews returning and Taylor Lewan unexpectedly returning to school Eric Fisher benefits in terms of his draft position and the Cardinals look to be one of several teams moving up from the second round to take one of the left over’s at quarterback.
Grade: Top 20 (-)

8 – Buffalo – Bjoern Werner (DE – F.S.U.)
The Bills wait and see approach utilized in the past couple of drafts have resulted in no QB taken, with potentially no QB’s on the roster come April (Fitz due 3 million in march and is likely to be cut, T. Jackson and T. Thigpen are free agents) this pick might have to be a QB. You know something? Necessity is the mother of all over drafting and the Bills are in a position where there may not be a choice, other than the choice of which QB is still on the board, again necessity is the mother of all over drafting. However, I think they have two options in this draft, take the best player available then move up from the second round and take one in the late first, or just find a guy they like enough to take here and take him. I think Nix is smart enough that if the value is not there, upgrade the team with talent, and take the risk on moving up. Werner has an exceptional feel for the game, and although he might not have the measurables of a top ten pick, his intangibles are off the charts. His value outweighs the positional needs at LB, WR, CB and even QB at this point. Chris Kelsey is likely to retire as age and injuries are catching up to him and Werner gives the Bills a 3 down DE, and would be the only one (3 down DE’s) other than Mario Williams on the roster at this point .
Grade: Top 10 (=)

9 – N.Y.J. – Barkevious Mingo (OLB – L.S.U.)
As bad as the Jets offensive needs are, the defense needs a stand up pass rusher just as bad, and Barkevious Mingo is arguably the most talented option available at this point. Just my opinion, but the development of Mark Sanchez was severely hindered by the bleeding of talent around him as the years past after he was drafted and a rookie QB will not fare any better this upcoming season. As a L.S.U. fan for 20+ years, Mingo maybe the most talented defensive linemen to come through the program, an athletic specimen, with a non-stop motor, and a good feel for the game. I have thought since I first watched him that he would be better suited in the 3-4, and in the NFL will benefit from having more space between himself and defensive linemen who can over-power him at the point of attack, allowing his natural athleticism to shine while playing behind the big boys up front.
Grade: Top 20 (=)

10 – Tennessee – Ezekiel Ansah (DE – B.Y.U.)
Good position for the Titans to be in here as I think they would love to address the defensive end spot, maybe grab a bigger DT, but with Mike Martin playing well down the stretch, he and Casey make a nice duo moving forward, and Dee Millner could be a winner here as well, allowing Verner to move inside to a possibly more natural nickel and dime role. Womack would give the Titans value, and meet a big need. Womack dominated everyone he faced this past season unlike any guard I can think of since I started watching college football. I was high on DeCastro last year (top 10 value) and have become even higher on Womack, and see him as a legit top 10 possibility despite the lack of any track record for guards going that high. However, I see Ansah as having the highest ceiling of any of the defensive players in this draft, and being the athletic type of defensive end who could very well develop into a Jason Pierre-Paul type of impact player for the Titans, making him the pick in this situation despite his limited experience. Ansah is the definition of a gamer, who is at his best letting his instincts run the show when he is just playing the game.
Grade: Top 20 (=)

11 – San Diego – Lane Johnson (LT – Oklahoma)
One of several case studies I have cited recently with the theme being, quarterbacks are useless unless they can be protected. Philip Rivers regression can be attributed to several factors, lack of talent around him at the skill positions and facing constant pressure and not being able to throw cleanly. Johnson in my opinion has issue’s with strength and anchoring, but certainly has the potential to get stronger and improve his ability to handle the bull rush. Johnson is arguably the most athletic offensive linemen in the draft. The more I watch Johnson the more I like him, one of my pre-combine climbers. I have Eric Fisher as the second best tackle in the draft, but Johnson as more of a 2b option than a 3rd rated tackle. That is how close I think the two are.
Grade: Top 20 (=)

12 – Miami – Keenan Allen (WR – Cal.)
Allen produced at Cal. with a limited quarterback throwing him the ball. Allen’s lateral agility, route running, and run after the catch ability make him an ideal fit for the WCO being run in Miami. This pick to me is a natural fit, and excellent value.
(Top 10) (+)

13 – Tampa Bay – Dee Milliner (CB – Alabama)
Tampa needs a corner, gets the top guy on the board and takes a big step to fixing their secondary. Millner is a physical man to man corner who understands positioning, staying in the receivers hip pocket, who I think is a perfect fit for the style coach Schiano wants his defense to play.
Grade: Top 20 (=)

14 – Carolina – Sheldon Richardson (DT – Mizzu)
Until I get a better handle on Richardson’s personality issues, and get a chance to see and hear him I am going to leave that part out of my thinking of him for now, and focus just on the field. I think he is a defensive tackle who can help upgrade the defensive front in a huge way athletically and talent wise. I have a similar grade on Cordarrelle Patterson, and want to give Cam a weapon, but at this point in my opinion defensive tackle is the bigger need. Dwan Edwards is 32 in May, Sione Fua has been a disappointment and both nose and under defensive tackles are really needed, and Richardson has the highest grade of the group on the board and despite wanting to get stouter upfront, opt for the most talented player.
(Top 20) (=)

15 – New Orleans – Dion Jordan (OLB – Oregon)
Romeo Crennel is rumored to be the preferred defensive coordinator of choice for the Saints moving forward. Jordan is not as athletic as B. Mingo, but by no means that far behind, I don’t see him being as natural a pass rusher, but again not that far behind. I do think Jordan however has a big edge in the pass coverage department. As opposed to the situation in Cleveland, I don’t see as big a transition for NOLA to a 34 from a 43 defense.
Grade: 1st Round (-)

16 – St. Louis – Chance Womack (G – Alabama)
I know Jeff Fisher never uses first round picks on offensive linemen, but if he wants to help Bradford live up to his potential as well as enhance the running game while getting every mile he can out of Steven Jackson, his best bet is to grab arguably the highest rated offensive linemen in the draft, even if he is a guard, and think about taking another offensive lineman with the next pick. I like a receiver like Patterson here as well, but Womack exceeds the need/value scale I have by far.
Grade: Top 5 (++)

*Trade* The Steelers trade the 17th pick in the 2013 draft to the Cardinals for the 38th and 71st picks in the 2013 draft and the Cardinals 2nd round pick in the 2014 draft.
17 – Arizona (via. Pittsburgh) – Matt Barkley (QB – U.S.C.)
Arizona addressed the offensive line early, and now makes the move to get their franchise QB. They might overpay slightly, but make the first of many anticipated moves in this mock to move up from the second round to land a desperately needed quarterback. Barkley should be able to come in from day one start and help run the offense effectively. The Steelers look to move back farther than they would like, but pick up and extra 3rd this year and 2nd next year to work with as they look to rebuild an aging roster with more holes than most think.
Grade: 2nd Round (-)

18 – Dallas – Jonathan Cooper (G – U.N.C.)
In looking at the offensive lines in the playoffs, and those of teams not in the play-offs, one thing becomes fairly evident; teams that invest in their offensive lines early in the draft make the play-offs at a better rate than those who do not. Dallas started with Smith, and looks to continue with the athletic Cooper at guard.
Grade: 1st Round (-)

19 – N.Y.G. – Alec Ogletree (ILB – Georgia)
Ogletree can do it all, cover, play the run and be the athlete needed to move sideline to sideline as needed. Having started to restock the offensive side of the ball last year, I think this year they look to work on restocking the defensive side of the ball with Ogletree who could play any of the linebacker spots and gives them options, playmaking ability, youth and athleticism on the defensive side of the ball.
Grade: 1st Round (-)

*Trade* The Bears send the 20th pick in the 2013 draft to the Bills for the 42nd pick in the 2013 draft and the Bills 2nd and 4th round picks in the 2014 draft.
20 – Buffalo (via. Chicago) – Tyler Wilson (QB – Arkansas)
In looking for trade matches, I try to find deals that work out for both parties. The Bills need a QB, and if they do not take one at 8, I think they will take value at that spot then move up for someone they like, instead of sitting pat and not getting anyone. The Bears would love to find an offensive linemen, particularly a tackle, but the value goes early in this mock, with the potential roster turn over and need for the defense to get younger I think the Bears will look to 2014 as a year of change, and will look to add assets for that draft to work with, while providing them with some flexability. Wilson fits the Buddy Nix draft model well, and recent comments indicate that Nix likes Wilson more than others do, despite his showing in Mobile.
Grade: 2nd Round (-)

21 – Cincinnati – Cordarrelle Patterson (WR – Tennessee)
I desperately want to give the Bengals a safety or outside linebacker here, either of which have some sort of coverage ability. Alas, with Ogletree off the board I don’t see the value to meet the need that I see with Patterson, giving the Bengal’s offense an Falcons passing attack feel to it. Patterson may have the highest ceiling of any of the receivers in this draft, and should give Andy Dalton two #1 caliber wide outs moving forward.
Grade: Top 20 (+)

22 – St. Louis (via. Washington) – DeAndre Hopkins (WR – Clemson)
I was not sure what those Rob Ryan to St. Louis rumors were, or what it meant for the Rams defense, but am glad for their sake it did not work out. I do know that shoring up the offensive line one way or another and getting Sam Bradford a legit number one option in the passing game should be the top two priorities. Hopkins addresses the second priority with good value, and should come in from day one and be productive. I see Hopkins as a #1 caliber receiver, while not at the level of a A.J. Green or Julio Jones, I think Hopkins is reliable, can run after the catch and find ways to get separation and himself open consistently in the NFL.
Grade: Top 20 (+)

23 – Minnesota – Robert Woods (WR – U.S.C.)
I have higher rated wide outs on the board, but none that I see as natural a fit with Christian Ponder and the Vikings offense as I see with Woods. I would consider this pick a bit of a reach at his point, but the need at receiver for the Vikings trumps the needs at CB, ILB and DT defensively. Woods comes from a WCO, had a QB with a very similar arm to Ponder at U.S.C. and I think can come in already be comfortable with the play book and be productive quickly.
Grade: 2nd Round (-)

24 – Indianapolis – Kenny Vaccaro (FS/SS – Texas)
Watching the Colts in the playoff and a couple games I was able to watch during the course of the season two things about the safeties popped into my head; 1 – How is Tom Zbikowski a starter in this league? Maybe he should pursue an MMA career full time. 2 – Antoine Bethea... Is he who I thought he was? I did not recognize him as the guy I remembered, or maybe I miss remembered... Anyway, Vaccaro should be able to come in from day one and start in place of Zbikowski at SS and should the day come where they need him to move to FS, he should be able to make that move if needed. The Colts should have the money in FA to address other needs along the offensive line and at outside linebacker, so why not get value in the draft? I am not nearly as high on Vaccaro as most, but I do see his consistent play and potential to play either safety spot.
Grade: 2nd Round (-)

25 – Seattle – Kawann Short (DT – Purdue)
Seattle is in a good spot here and with few needs, and emerging as a whole can look to add the BPA, which I have as Short at this point. With a quick first step and disruptive nature, Short is disruptive in the passing game and in the run game. Short does have some motor questions, but unlike other prospects who disappear for games, Short’s issue seems to be conditioning and rotational to me, making him “disappear” at times within games, not for entire games. Even when Short appears to “disappear” for games he is still making plays that influence the game. Short needs to keep his weight down to help maintain consistency. Comparisons to Warren Sapp are fair enough and while not at that level yet as a player, Short does have similar abilities, and physical dimensions.
Grade: Top 20 (+)

26 – Green Bay – Tyler Eifert (TE – Notre Dame)
So many directions that the Packers could go in; NT, ILB, LT, etc… None have the value that Eifert has. Finley has to have fallen out of favor in the land of cheese and Eifert does all the things well that Finley seems to not do, especially focus and catch the ball. I really want to go Kyle Long here, but despite injuries affecting the offensive line and its depth there are options, I was a big Sherrod supporter when they picked him and hope he can come back from his injury, live up to his potential and become the player he can be, providing a quality LT, while enhancing the natural depth at the tackle spot.
Grade: 1st Round (+)

27 – Houston – Terrance Williams (WR – Baylor)
Andre Johnson is not the receiver he was two years ago, and is starting to regress with his age. He still is one of the best, but an long term replacement should be addressed now, which also provides the Texans with a playmaking #2 for the short term as well. Williams is excellent athlete with deep speed that can help the Texans stretch the field, very good hands and I would think enhance their play action ability.
Grade: 1st Round (=)

28 – Denver – Shariff Floyd (DT – Florida)
Denver is going to need a defensive tackle once free agency hits and with Wolfe only moving inside in nickel and dime, a three down guy to help provide some stability would be a nice addition to the interior of the defensive line. After choosing other routes in the draft last year, I think Fox and Co. will address the issue’s in the interior of their defensive line, especially if someone reminds Fox of his glory day defenses in Carolina and the monsters he had in the center of those defensive lines.
Grade: 1st Round (=)

29 – New England – Tevon Austin (WR – W. Virginia)
Tough spot for New England, who in all reality trades down, has two seconds in which they still land Austin and a DT who has first round value, but goes to the Pats in the second, while the team add’s another first rounder for 2014. That’s just how the hoodie rollz. In this scenario I think the Pat’s finally part ways with Welker and bring in Austin to take over the slot role and add an explosive element to the passing attack, give them appropriate pick value, and look to the depth at DT to address the position in the second round.
Grade: 1st Round (+)

30 – Atlanta – Zach Ertz (TE – Stanford)
Atlanta has to take a hard look at couple positions here, left tackle and defensive end for sure, and tight end as well. Sam Montgomery as an L.S.U. fan IMO is over rated, a solid late second round pick and base end, but not the pass rusher he has been made out to be. I am starting to like Kyle Long’s fit at left tackle, but I don’t see the value with this pick at this point, although I think he is getting there. That leaves me with Ertz having a first round grade and with Tony Gonzales looking like he is going to retire, Matty Ice will need a tight end to keep the offense moving, and I give Ertz the nod over all other possibilities at this point having a higher grade.
Grade: 1st Round (=)

31 – San Francisco – Jesse Williams (NT – Alabama)
Williams could very well start for the 9ers next year with most of the defensive line being impending FA’s and with the need on the defensive line potentially being the biggest need of all, and Williams having appropriate value, Williams is the pick.
Grade: 1st Round (=)

32 – Baltimore – Manti Te’o (ILB – Notre Dame)
Baltimore is infamous for taking the best player on the board. I have Xavier Rhodes as the 23rd best player in the draft and the best player available, I however have Te’o as the 24th. Even with Carey Williams likely to leave in FA due to potential cap limitations, the Ravens still have Graham, Smith, Webb, although each has an issue, but I do think the Ravens can pick up a productive corner later in the draft and upgrade the ILB spot with Lewis retiring.
Grade: 1st Round (+)

Round 2

33 – Jacksonville – Xavier Rhodes (CB – F.S.U.)
It is no secret that Jacksonville’s defense was horrid at getting after opposing QB’s last year and not much better for several years prior to that. I just do not see the value that I see in Rhodes, who gives the Jaguars a similar corner to the one’s Gus Bradley had in Seattle and that seemed to work out well. Physical and aggressive with very good ball skills, Rhodes maybe the best corner in the draft at jamming receivers at the line of scrimmage and playing press coverage.
Grade: 1st Round (+)

34 – Kansas City – Desmond Trufant (CB – Washington)
The biggest riser on my draft board this week and currently #3 in my CB rankings. I had a second round grade on him, right now I have a first and have him nipping on Rhodes heals for 2nd overall, and the more I watch of him, the more I see him approaching the #1 CB in the draft. Trufant sticks to receivers well, is an excellent man to man cover corner who sticks to his recievers, allowing minimal separation, is well versed in zone concepts, has exceptional recognition skills is a natural athlete with true closing speed, and enough speed to hang down the field with speedy receivers. Just talking about him now, reminds me of Darrelle Revis, I might be severely under estimating him…
Grade: 1st Round (+)

35 –Philadelphia – Jonathan Jenkins (NT – Georgia)
Chip Kelly looks like he wants Todd Grantham to be his DC, and if they are going to rebuild that defense, they might as well start with an anchor who knows it already. Should the Eagles go in another direction with their DC, Jenkins should fit in any 3-4 system and could easily play the nose in a 4-3 should they go in that direction.
Grade: 1st Round (+)

36 – Detroit – Jonathan Banks (CB – Miss. St.)
I have been really high on Banks since last year and despite him moving down my overall corner rankings to #4, I still have a first round grade on him. Banks has very good length, ball skills and just makes plays. Banks played FS early in his career and has added value in that he could be moved there later in his career, or even earlier should circumstance dictate it.
Grade: 1st Round (+)

37 – Cincinnati (via. Oakland) – Kahseem Greene (OLB – Rutgers)
Greene gives the Bengals a playmaking OLB who can cover in the pass game, play the run well, allows for flexability within the linebacking core. Not sure why Greene is not getting more love than he is in draft circles, but is a guy I would love to see in a Bills uniform personally.
Grade: 1st Round (+)

38 –Pittsburgh (via. Arizona) – Eddie Lacy (RB – Alabama)
Pittsburgh did not have any value fall to them in the first round and did the smart thing and moved back into the second round while adding two more premium picks, one in this draft and one in the next from which to help rebuild a shaky roster. Despite playing behind one of the best offensive lines in college history, Lacy has excellent ability as a running back, who while playing with Mark Ingram I thought was actually the better back and Ingram went in the first round. R. Mendenhall is a talented back, but certainly is a injury concern and I think has underperformed. Lacy improves the talent level in the backfield which will be leaned on more I think as the offensive line gets figured out.
Grade: 2nd Round (=)

39 – Cleveland – Josh Gordon Supplemental Draft

40 – N.Y.J. – D.J. Fluker (RT/G – Alabama)
Although I have never understood the point of moving up in the draft to take a QB, then not surrounding him with talent and stability, and rather doing everything in your power to hamper his progression. No matter who the QB for the Jets is they will fail at this point. A similar model was deployed in Buffalo for a decade and it did not work either. Fluker can come in and not only enhance the running game, but improve the demeanor of the team and anchor the right side of the offensive line.
Grade: 2nd Round (=)

41 – Tennessee – Larry Warford (G – Kentucky)
Warford has been extremely under rated until the senior bowl, and has outplayed the top competition such as Shariff Floyd during his career at Kentucky. Warford shows good explosion off the snap, understanding body positioning and is a very good pass protector.
Grade: 1st Round (+)

42 – Chicago (via. Buffalo) – Kyle Long (LT – Oregon)
Chicago moves down more than they would like, but ends up with the guy they may have taken at 20 and is looking in great shape for the 2014 draft, and in regards to a possible roster make over following the 2013 season. Long has proven NFL bloodlines, and albeit raw, a high ceiling. Long has excellent athleticism and feet for a man his size, excellent physical ability, and a nasty demeanor. A fast riser who could end up in the first round come April.
Grade: 2nd Round (+)

43 – Miami – Alex Okafor (DE – Texas)
Having addressed the need at WR in the first round, the Dolphins look to address the pass rushing situation opposite Cameron Wake in the second.
Grade: 2nd Round (=)

44 – Tampa Bay – Jordan Poyer (CB – Oregon St.)
Even before the Aquib Talib trade Tampa needed to think about doubling down on corners. Poyer adds a playmaking dimension to the Buccaneers secondary as well as leadership in general. Poyer has excellent athleticism and his physicality should endear him to Coach Schiano and his style of defense.
Grade: 2nd Round (=)

45 – Carolina – Quinton Patton (WR – La. Tech.)
Patton is considered by some to be a product of his college system, I just don’t see it. Patton to me has sneaky speed, runs good routes, is a good hands catcher, who understands how to stem his routes and set up the defender with body fakes, and a willing blocker.
Grade: 1st Round (+)

46 – New Orleans – Bounty Gate

47 – San Diego – Jamie Collins (OLB – S. Mississippi)
As poorly as the pass rush was this past year for the Chargers, another pass rusher early in the draft might be required as age and declining production are catching up to the Chargers defense. Collins is not a household name yet, but I expect him to rise up draft boards significantly over the next couple months. Collins is a former defensive back, who played all over the field at S. Miss. as their “bandit” and excelled on a bad team.
Grade: 2nd Round (=)

48 – St. Louis – Eric Reid (SS/FS – L.S.U.)
Reid is capable of coming into the Rams secondary and starting at either safety spot, I think his best position is SS, Reid has all the tools, but needs to play under control more often to maximize his potential.
Grade: 2nd Round (=)

49 – Dallas – Johnathan Hankins (DT – O.S.U.)
Hankins has exceptional physical and movement skills, but also has stamina and motor issues. Should Dallas be able to get Hankins to play consistently up to his ability throughout the course of a game, as well as game to game he could be a steal at this point in the draft.
Grade: 2nd Round (=)

50 – Pittsburgh – Corey Lemonier (OLB – Auburn)
Lemonier has the first step quickness and athleticism to play in space and be an impact 3-4 OLB. I think he could rise as the draft approaches much like Bruce Irvin did last year on team’s boards and possibly end up in the first round. I don’t think he’ll climb that much, but I see the second round as a real possibility and a team like Pittsburgh looking to upgrade the pass rush with youth and Lemonier being a perfect match.
Grade: 2nd Round (-)

51 – N.Y.G. – Datone Jones (DE – U.C.L.A.)
I have no idea how the Giants are going to approach their defensive end situation this off season, but I would think at least Osi will be playing elsewhere next season. The Giants look to continue re-stocking their cupboards on defense with Jones who while not the edge speed rusher Osi was, uses his hands well and is still capable of generating pressure.
Grade: 2nd Round (+)

52 – Chicago – Kevin Minter (ILB – L.S.U.)
Brain Urlacher is in the declining stages of his career. Minter is a tackling machine with superb instincts, who gives the Bears short term options with the linebacking core and a long term solution to the ILB spot in the windy city. Minter also happens to be an outstanding value pick in the middle of the second round as I have him closer to a first round value.
Grade: 2nd Round (+)

53 – Washington – Logan Ryan (CB – Rutgers)
I really think the Redskins would like to add a safety here, but with the depth going into the third round there, and D. Hall having 11 and 12 million dollar cap numbers over the next two years, I think the Skins look to the value at corner here, even if the restructure Hall’s contract.
Grade: 2nd Round (=)

54 – Minnesota – Jamar Taylor (CB – Boise St.)
Another guy I expect to climb draft boards as April approaches, reminds me of a young Antoine Winfield. Loose hips, solid fundamentals, a wiling tackler who excels in zone coverage.
Grade: 2nd Round (=)

55 – Cincinnati – Giovani Bernard (RB – U.N.C.)
Bernard is good at everything and has exceptional vision and feel for the game, while not really a home run threat, he is shifty and patient. While not having elite measurables, Bernard can catch out of the backfield and is a guy who when healthy will produce on all three downs.
Grade: 2nd Round (=)

56 – Miami (via. Indy) – Robert Alford (CB - S.E. Louisiana)
Alford a former track runner has applied the applicable track skills to the football field very well. While being able to do it all, Alford much like D. Trufant is making himself known to the world as a better than previously thought player, who could with a good combine start generating first round consideration.
Grade: 2nd Round (=)

57 – Green Bay – Brandon Williams (DT – Missouri Southern State)
The Big guy from a small DII school will need some time to adjust to playing against a higher talent level in the NFL, but has the tools and determination to make it happen. Williams helps the Packers defensive line get a little younger, stouter and should improve the physical play up front, allowing B.J. Raji to slide over and continue being productive off the nose.
Grade: 3rd Round (-)

58 – Seattle – Arthur Brown (OLB – K. State)
Leroy Hill seems to be wearing out his welcome in Seattle, and Brown gives them a quality replacement who should be able to come in and contribute immediately, similarly to Wagner last year.
Grade: 2nd Round (+)

59 – Houston – Matt Elam (SS/FS – Florida)
The Texans look to add value in the secondary with Elam who could possibly be an interchangeable part at the safety spot for the Texans back end.
Grade: 2nd Round (=)

60 – Denver – Barrett Jones (C/G/T – Alabama)
Having a 37 year old QB with neck issues elevates the value of pass protection. Ryan Clady I would think has to be retained, but one injury and the whole line suffers, and Jones proved he can handle his own at every spot along the offensive line. With the value lacking across the board at CB, SS and ILB at this spot, the Broncos look to insure the franchise QB stays viable.
Grade: 1st Round (+)

61 – New England – Sylvester Williams (DT – U.N.C.)
While not the most consistent defensive tackle, Williams has good strength, a really good first step for a man his size, and a rip and swim move that make him a pass rushing threat. The Patriots are a good fit for Williams and should be able to get the most out of him, allowing Williams and Wilfork to domimate interior offensive lines.
Grade: 3rd Round (-)

62 – Atlanta – Sam Montgomery (DE – L.S.U.)
Atlanta gets a bit of a gift at the end of the 2nd round. Montgomery is a solid base end who will make plays, although I do not think he is the pass rusher many have made him out to be, he is capable of contributing to the pass rush, and is an emotional leader with nice physical attributes and tools.
Grade: 2nd Round (=)

63 – San Francisco – Aaron Dobson (WR – Marshall)
Dobson has very good hands, gets in and out of his breaks well creating good seperation, and runs routes well. The 49ers could go in several directions with this pick, but look to ensure that there are options in the passing attack with injuries, age, and uncertainty within the wide receiver core outside of Michael Crabree.
Grade: 2nd Round (+)

64 – Baltimore – Cornellius Carradine (DE – F.S.U.)
Tricky spot for Baltimore here, not much value in the 3-4 OLB department and with the 4-3 looks they have been going with on passing downs, have reaches and injury issues in that department. I anticipate the Ravens will lose Kruger in FA, he will just command too much money.
[b]Grade: 3rd Round (-)

Round 3

65 – Kansas City – Matt Elam (SS/FS – Florida)
Elam is a tweener safety who I think can play either spot, and still be productive, solidifying the back end of the secondary with Eric Berry.
Grade: 2nd Round (+)

66 – Jacksonville – Oday Aboushi (RT – Virginia)
Eben Britton is best suited at guard, and Aboushi can enhance the run game while providing solid protection for Glennon at the right tackle spot.
Grade: 3rd Round (=)

67 –Detroit – Travis Frederick (C/G – Wisconsin)
Insurance/starter incase Raiola retires, also is a long term solution to issues within the interior of the offensive line. Frederick is also an instant upgrade in the Lions anemic run game.
Grade: 2nd Round (+)

68 – Oakland – Dallas Thomas (G/T – Tennessee)
Oakland needs to fix both fronts, having addressed the defensive front in round one, looks to address the offensive front in round 3. Thomas I think is a better fit at guard, but should be able to play tackle as well, and versatility should be a high priority with this pick.
Grade: 2nd Round (+)

69 – Philadelphia – E. J. Manual (QB – F.S.U.)
Manual might get his wish in this draft if he falls into the 3rd round and play for the Eagles. I think he is the best fit for the professional version of Chip Kelly’s college offense in this draft.
Grade: 3rd Round (=)

70 – Cleveland – Brian Winters (G – Kent St.)
The interior of the Browns offensive line could use a upgrade, that not only enhances the run game, but also benefits the whole offense and in the grand scheme of things the passing attack as well. Winters is a physical and tough linemen who is best suited inside at guard.
Grade: 3rd Round (=)

71 – Pittsburgh (via. Arizona) – Justin Hunter (WR – Tennessee)
I think the Steelers let Mike Wallace walk in FA, and look to replace him with a FA receiver or better yet a talent who falls in the draft, and Hunter is not short on talent.
Grade: 2nd Round (+)

72 – Tennessee – Phillip Thomas (SS – Fresno St.)
Capable of playing FS, but I think more of a SS at the next level. Thomas has excellent instincts and recognition skills, and is a playmaker in pass coverage and a force in run support, who is a very capable and willing tackler.
Grade: 2nd Round (+)

73 – Buffalo – Ryan Nassib (QB – Syracuse)
Nassib comes from a pro-style offense run by Doug Marrone at Syracuse, so he is familiar with the system, produced despite being under constant pressure all season long. Buffalo has potentially QB’s on the roster heading into the draft, and looks to double down and fill in roster depth.
Grade: 2nd Round (+)

74 – N.Y.J. – Markus Wheaton (WR – Oregon St.)
The Jets have too many needs on offense to fill them all with this draft, but Wheaton gives them a weapon to utilize all over the field.
Grade: 3rd round (=)

75 – Tampa Bay – Travis Kelce (TE – Cincinnati)
Kelce give the Bucs a tight end to build with, and a chance to help evaluate Josh Freeman moving forward.
Grade: 3rd Round (-)

76 – San Francisco (via. Carolina) – Darius Slay (CB – Miss. St.)
Slay is a guy I like the more I watch, good speed, doesn’t get burnt, high upside, nice physical tools and appears to always be giving max effort.
Grade: 3rd Round (=)

77 – New Orleans – Chase Thomas (OLB – Stanford)
In switching to the 3-4 the Saints will need two outside linebackers, Dion Jordan to play the weak side and Thomas the strong side. Thomas might not have the measurables that scouts look for, but his in game play and feel for the game is NFL quality.
Grade: 2nd Round (+)

78 – San Diego – Will Davis (CB – Utah St.)
Davis has the tools to be a good NFL corner, and with the right coaching should exceed expectations.
Grade: 3rd Round (-)

79 – Miami – David Amerson (S/CB – N.C. St.)
I think N.C. State utilized Amerson incorrectly this past season, I think he is a rare breed who is a press corner who has outstanding spacial awareness, vision and feel. He is best suited in press or zone (cover 2) coverage where he can read and react to quick passes, making plays on the ball with over the top help. I think with Miami’s desired style of defense this could be a perfect match.
Grade: 3rd Round (=)

80 – St. Louis – Sean Porter (OLB – Texas A & M)
Porter for some reason to me is undervalued. He has performed and exceeded all expectations regardless of where he was asked to play. Porter can cover, rush the passer and run sideline to sideline and in my opinion is a steal anywhere after the 2nd Round, and a excellent value in the 2nd.
Grade: 2nd Round (+)

81 – Pittsburgh – Jonathan Cyprien (SS – F. International)
Cyprien reminds me of Brian Dawkins with his all out effort and physical nature, and with Troy looking more and more like injuries are and will be a part of his future, an replacement who provides temporary depth should be strongly considered.
Grade: 3rd Round (+)

82 – Dallas – Baccarri Rambo (FS/SS – Georgia)
If Rambo did not have the history off the field I think he would be a first round caliber player. Very instinctual and has a natural feel for the game. Rambo does not have the pure athleticism or measurables to blow up the combine, but performs at a high level on the field.
Grade: 3rd Round (=)

83 – N.Y.G. – Leon McFadden (CB – San Diego St.)
The Giants have question marks in their secondary, particularly at CB and McFadden a former receiver has the talent to contribute to the Giants secondary.
Grade: 3rd Round (=)

84 – Miami (via. Chicago) – Gavin Escobar (TE – San Diego St.)
While likely needing some time to develop, Escobar has the tools to be a very good NFL tight end, and the Dolphins need to think about enhancing the passing game around Tannehill.
Grade: 3rd Round (+)

85 – Minnesota – Kiko Alonso (ILB – Oregon)
With the NFC North turning into more of a pass happy division, aside from the Vikings themselves, Alonso gets the nod over Jon Bostic as he is better in coverage, and can effectively play all 3 downs.
Grade: 3rd Round (-)

86 – Cincinnati – Tony Jefferson (FS – Oklahoma)
Jefferson gives the Bengals a in the box safety who can cover, while also being capable of covering the deep half of the field in zone coverage. Jefferson hustles on every play, and has very good on the field awareness.
Grade: 3rd Round (+)

87 – Wahsington – Menelik Watson (RT – F.S.U.)
While possessing excellent physical and athletic attributes, Watson is extremely raw and needs to develop, but has showed enough production in limited playing time for me to believe that he could develop into an excellent RT, with LT upside, which could come in handy with Trent Williams not exactly instilling confidence that he will always do the right thing or keep himself away from trouble.
Grade: 3rd Round (=)

88 – Indianapolis – Brian Schwenke (G/C – Cal.)
The Colts have plenty of needs, and the offensive line is not short on question marks, especially inside, and Schwenke gives them flexability along the interior of their offensive line. I believe he is better suited at guard, but proved last season he can handle the pivot.
Grade: 3rd Round (+)

89 – Seattle – Da’Rick Rogers (WR – Tenn. Tech)
First round talent, with potentially undraftable off the field issues. If Carroll can get Lynch to stop allegedly stealing tips off tables and committing acts of violence with his car, he should be able to handle Rogers too.
Grade: 4th Round (-)

90 – Green Bay – Jon Bostic (ILB – Florida)
Green Bay looks to Bostic to help improve the physicality of the defense, help stop Adrian Peterson and the opposition run in general.
Grade: 3rd Round (+)

91 – Houston – David Bakhtiari (T/G – Colorado)
Bakhtiari helps give the offensive line depth and flexability, he should acclimate himself quickly to the zone scheme the Texans run.
Grade: 3rd Round (=)

92 – Denver – Blidi Wreh-Wilson (CB – U. Conn.)
Denver looks to address a need with value and does so in the 3rd round, instead of reaching for the left overs of a weak ILB class.
Grade: 3rd Round (=)

93 – New England – D.J. Swearinger (SS/FS – S. Carolina)
A physical, reliable tackler who is dependable in coverage and capable of manning up on receivers. The hoody loves his versatility and should love Swearinger.
Grade: 3rd Round (=)

94 – Atlanta – Montee Ball (RB – Wisconsin)
Tough call hear for the Falcons who I think give Turner his walking papers this off season. Ball or Taylor? Having J. Rogers on the roster makes me take Ball, who I think is a more decisive and powerful runner.
Grade: 3rd (+)

95 – San Francisco – Brandon Jenkins (OLB – F.S.U.)
Jenkins is a bit of classic tweener and coming off a Lisfranc injury has some medical concerns, but would have time to acclimate to the 49ers defense and provide depth for the pass rush and potentially a future starter.
Grade: 4th Round (-)

96 – Baltimore – Margus Hunt (DE – S.M.U.)
I am not nearly as high on Hunt as most, and see the size and athletic ability, but not the translation to the NFL. However, he would provide flexability and depth to the defensive line, to go along with having long term potential as a starter.
Grade: 4th Round (-)
"It must be contract year!"

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