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Originally Posted by Rob Schubert
i scored the fight 114-114. I will elaborate later, as I have to go to a fathers day party now. But, I will say this, JT has abandoned his jab in his last 3 fights and that is what makes him a potential ALL TIME GREAT. I have the upmost respect for JT. Granted they were all close, but to draw Winky, and beat Hopkins 2 times, in a row as essentially a raw talent, WOW! I want to see what Steward can do, but this kid is damn good. Same for Winky, but I think we all know that #2 p4p and he deserves to be
You guys aren't going to believe this. I went out to go to the drive in with a girl and some friends... but we were so messed up we got there too late. Then, we were drivin along and the driver keeps complaining of how hot it and I just so happen to look up at the dashboard. The check engine now light is on!!! Dumbass who owns the car said she never put an fluids in it since she got it a year ago!!!!!!!!!!!! we bought some water and coolant and after a 1/2 hour in the parking lot (and talking to some heroin addict who I had quite a bit of fun messing with) we decide to just take our sorry act to my buddies sisters house.

We get there. I look at the clock. It's like 10:15............ I almost **** a brick. THEY HAD HBO!!!!! I was in aw, it all came full circle and I got to watch the fight after all. I got my cake and ate it too. Everyone I was with told me to change the channel but I wouldn't give up the remote and made them watch the whole fight

Unfortunately I didn't pay enough attention because the 2 girls were trying to annoy me the entire time. I did watch it though, and loved every second of it.

I told my Dad today that Jermain Taylor is not my 2nd favorite fighter. I really like that kid, he's tough as nails and he has the heart of a true champion. He is special people. Special. He is so special that he can make the most boring fighter on the planet, bernard hopkins, fight a mildly enertaining fight. He's so special, the very next fight he makes a fight against a purely defensive fighter into a very enertaining fight.

Dude's a beast. I'm going to watch the replay of the fight as soon as the Hopkins vs Tarver is over on HBO2 and tell you guys what I would have scored the bout.

Oddly enough... My dad scored it 8-3-1 for Taylor. When I was watching it I was slightly messed up and I thought Winky was stealing the rounds because he was punching more although Taylor was obviously the more powerful fighter. Taylor was able to stagger Winky and bully him around. Winky wasn't really strong enough to seriously hurt Taylor.
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