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Originally Posted by SunTzu_22 View Post
Not very impressive when you look at it this way:
If you take away his 20+ yds runs its just 1800 yards...
And if you then take away his runs between 10 and 20 yards, he only ran for like 1257 yards....
And if you then take away his 5 to 10 yard runs we are down to just 488 yards rushing.......
And if you then take away his runs shorter than 5 yards, we are down to 0 yards rushing..... (Coincidentally the same number of points Barry Sanders scored if we, you know, take away the touchdowns he scored.)

And if we only take into account the times Sanders got tackled for a loss, he actually ran for -210 yards that year. He must suck right? Right....?
Furthermore Brett Lorenzo Favre never threw an interception, except for the 336 he actually did throw.

Every time I see someone make the "Well if you take his best plays away, he actually wasnīt very good"-argument I want to punt kittens. So congrats OP, if a kitten gets punted somewhere in the world today, you might very well be responsible.

/ End rant.

Actually, without the 20+ yard runs that year, it drops to under 1290 yards.

I knew right away people weren't going to get the real point behind, "take these away," despite how many times I acknowledged they do count.

My point is not that they don't count. My point is that in the grand scheme of things, big plays in a running game are a bonus. Even the the best big play runner - Barry Sanders - pales in comparison to even a decent passing game in generating big plays. If it's big plays you're looking for, throw the football.

The main objective of running the football is to consistently gain yardage. That's where Barry Sanders irritates me to no end. It's easy to sit there and say, "oh, look at the production...how can that be bad? So what if he had a bunch of carries for loss?"

But then when you get into the actual flow of a game, and you're trying to decide what to do on offense, and you opt to hand it off to Mr. 5.3 yards/carry, and he mixes in a 22 yard run with 7 other carries for 10 yards in the first half, and you fail to convert on 3rd and long, it's another matter.
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