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Originally Posted by Roddoliver View Post
After Barkley's throwing session, people will say they were impressed and he had great interviews, shows leadership skills, USC had problems at the OL, defense allowed a lot of points, Barkley was pressured to do too much, junior tape is really good, etc. Barkley will be a top 10 pick, might go before Geno Smith.
You may be right or the story will be his arm is stronger than people thought.. I hope not I think Barkley will be USC Quarterback fail 4.0 after Sanchez Linart and Castle.. He is shorter with out arm strength or athleticism.. Leadership and intangibles doesn't make up for lack of ability to throw the ball... 30 percent of Barkley's passes are screens..

Landry Jones threw the ball 600 times more than Barkley for 4,000 more total yards and only 3 more Interceptions and Less Sacks.. Barkley doesn't sound like he was all that good with pressure.. Jones has more wins and the same completion percentage.. Jones had 123 TD's despite being taken out of the Red Zone the last too years.. Luck fell apart with his stats this year when he had to throw it more... Luck went from throwing it 350 times a year to throwing it 619 times and only completed 54% What will Barkley do when he goes from 384 throws to 564 like Jones or 619 like Luck did this year.. Barkley is a product of hype and marketing... I would take Jones over both of them..
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