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Originally Posted by keylime_5 View Post
my point was the college production thing vs. potential doesn't really matter. Brandon Graham has like 8 career sacks. Pierre-Paul had a 16 sack season just a year ago. I think his conditioning was poor last year and he dropped off a bit. Aldon Smith's career thus far speaks for itself. He didn't have many sacks in college and is THE GUY that everyone is comparing Dion Jordan to. Ansah is just now learning the fundamentals of an NFL pass rusher, his physical talent is ridiculous, he just needs refinement/experience. Look at what he did in the senior bowl and what the coaches say about him after that game.
a.) Brandon Graham was injured in his rookie year and couldn't play in 2011
b.) Brandon Graham has a higher pass rushing productivity than Jason Pierre Paul when he does play
c.) It's only been three years, one of which Graham couldn't play, and the last of which he was a part-time player due to the coaching staff
d.) in the next 3+ years Graham could put up bigger/more numbers than Jason Pierre Paul based on his ability to produce so far in the sacks+hits+hurries department

What I'm saying is that it's too early to say that Jason Pierre Paul is better than Brandon Graham. I think Graham will end up being the better player when we look back 5+ years from now on their careers.

Also, Aldon Smith, again, too early. Maybe he was a product of Justin Smith's holding and Aldon Smith never breaks the 6 sack barrier ever again?
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