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SeanTaylor4ever hopes to escalate quickly but not get out of hand.
Default FSU/UF Bros Get In Here

Or anybody familiar with their rosters I am a Redskins fan and I have a few questions.

Christian Thompson RB
I know he has had two major injuries but from the few clips I have seen he looks like a De'anthony Thomas type. Maybe more of a strict running back. Can you guys give me a quick overview of him because imagining him with some of our pistol sets is exciting but I don't want to go overboard. If you could give me a player comparison to somebody more known college or nfl that would be great.

Brandon Jenkins DE/OLB
I have heard that he was the best out of Warner and Carridine before the foot injury. How Accurate is this ? How did he look in spring ball last spring if you can remember?

UF Bros

Jordan Reed TE
I have read conflicting times on his 40. I have seen 4.5s I have seen 4.7s
which is accurate? I've also been hearing he is like an Aaron Hernandez clone is this true ? Do you think he will fit in as a Joker/Move tight end type with Fred Davis playing the inline TE role ? And is he really that much of mismatch for safteys and LBs ?

Xavier Nixon OT
We signed in after the draft. Has he flashed any serious potential ? Is he more of a guard ? Aware me
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