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Assuming that the game charting is correct (I don't know if those numbers are completely accurate), what it tells me is that in ONE game,

an offensive coordinator decided to game plan in such a way that the TEs were actively engaged in chip blocking the DEs. If I remember correctly, that game was the one in which the Eagles ran the ball uncharacteristically heavily with LeSean McCoy, and basically avoided the passing game.

Again, small sample sizes like this are misleading. That particular game was a specific game plan that the Eagles had for that team. You can't draw conclusions about Pierre Paul's entire season based on one game plan by the Eagles to run the ball heavily in a tight, low-scoring contest.

You need to break down the blocking schemes for basically every single game both players played in 2012 before we can even begin to discuss whether or not coordinators "game planned" against Pierre Paul more so than Graham, and even then, the fact that Pierre Paul may have been chip-blocked by a TE slightly more often than Graham doesn't mean that Pierre Paul's job was astronomically more difficult.
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