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Originally Posted by zoinks View Post
I don't think the Bills would be willing to drop that far...there will still be at least one or two near-elite prospects available at #12. (Of course, the Chargers would take this deal in a second.....I just don't think Levy would do it.)

The Titans are much more likely to engage in an exchange of first-round picks.....and if the Chargers are looking to move up in round one, I think the Titans will be their partner. Possibly the Packers, but I doubt it.

However, if it goes into the second round and a deal has not been struck, or if the Chargers are looking for a second-round pick straight up, then the Bills have the advantage on just about everyone.

Of course, the Browns could decide to throw their hat in the ring, which makes it all that much more interesting. If they're at all nervous about Peterson's durability, they could grab Quinn at #3, then trade their second-round pick straight up for Turner.
Won't happen for a second rounder. Not because it wouldn't be a good deal necesarily, but beacuse the Chargers front office has a value on what is more beneficial for the Chargers.

In their (and my) eyes, its better to have Michael Turner for 100-120 carries off of LT shoulders to keep him good for the playoffs, and KR/PR duties another year then to have a second rounder.
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