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Originally Posted by SuperMcgee View Post
Goalie interference. Noone seemed to really complain about it. Doesn't come close to the kick or Briere's G4 goal.

And come on. Leaving with 16 seconds left? Might as well just give me your remaining tickets...

Can't think of anyone that looked overly bad today. Roy, maybe.
Tallinder was outstadning. Great game.

Ya well, I live about an hour and half away, and considering the border, and the wait I would've had afer the game, I wanted to beat the rush. but trust me, NO MORE! Im going to stay from now on!

I wouldnt say Roy looked bad, I thought he played physical today, for his size, he was fighting for it. If MAx hadnt scored the winner, I would'v said he played the worst, but I cant say anything now!

Tallinder was great, I thought Campbell played very well too, he stopped a couple 2 on 1's and looked pretty good. He used some moves too, dont know if you guys saw him spin around Avery (I think it was Avery), that was nice!

But ya, I will never leave early again, unless the game is not in doubt. In the end I ended staying like 2 hours after the game before we hit the road anyways, so it would'nt have mattered anyways. GREAT GAME! One of the best Ive seen!

Welcome back Gaustad! I thought he played very well for the time he was on. He should be good for the rest of the playoffs.

EDIT: What I said above is no excuse tho! I am disappointed in myself.
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