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Originally Posted by cunningham06
Originally Posted by yourfavestoner
Originally Posted by Vikings Fan
Originally Posted by draftguru151
Originally Posted by Vikings Fan
Originally Posted by draftguru151
What is that over?
Is that career, last 4 years, what?
career would be unfair to Tiki so it was last 4 years for the TDs and Yards per season.
Well, let's do it over the past two seasons, as they are the most recent and are the years Portis was out of that godly Denver running game.

Carries per fumble:

Portis: 86

Barber: 113

TD per Carry:

Portis: 43

Barber: 30

Carry per Carry 20+ yards:

Ports: 63

Barber: 30


Portis: 4.05

Barber: 4.95


Portis: 8

Barber: 11




Yards per Season:

Portis: 1415

Barber: 1689

As you can see, over the past two years, it hasn't even been close. This isn't even counting receiving stats, where Barber has practically doubled Portis' numbers.

Like I said, Portis gets the edge in age, and that's about it.
Good post. Tiki has been better than Portis the last couple of seasons when their lines have been similar as opposed to how much better Denvers run offense was than the Giants. Portis is the better long term back because he has more years left in him.
People just throw the fact that Portis was in a power running system out the window dont they......
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