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Originally Posted by SeanTaylor21
Originally Posted by maroney39
Originally Posted by SeanTaylor21
Originally Posted by sweetness34
Originally Posted by dcarey20
Taylor is better than Dawkins and in my opinion, Taylor is surprisingly underrated by alot of people...his combo of size and speed is almost unmatched by any other safety in the league. He is one of the biggest hitters in the league but has the ability to cover a slot WR 1 on 1.

Dawkins is a great player and I really really like him, but I think Taylor is better.

Here are my top 5 safety rankings:

1. Ed Reed
2. Sean Taylor
3. Troy Polamalu
4. Brian Dawkins
5. Bob Sanders
Taylor has not proven himself to be better than Dawkins, period. He has huge upside still, but he really hasn't been dominant so far in the NFL. While Brian Dawkins has been one of the best Safety's in the NFL for years and years.

In 2 or 3 years, I could buy Taylor being better than Dawkins, but not right now.
I find this quite interesting because over the last 2 years Taylor has been better than Dawkins. Explain how he has not been dominant and since Taylor has been in the leauge do you really think Dawkins has been a better saftey?

There he is!!!! :D . Your a such a flaming homer please dont post in this thread.
If that is all you have to say just go home

I am at home thank you, and that is all that i will say too you because if I start to argue with you I will only get frustrated with your Redskins tunnel vision.
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