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Default Who would you bench first?

Both Brett Favre and Drew Bledsoe struggled in their opening game and there has been a lot of talk about both of them being benched. My question is who would you bench first and why. On one hand you have Drew Bledsoe who is slow and inconsistent, but he is also a veteran and could pull it together. If you benched him your going with an unproven Tony Romo and a QB controversy which could divide the team. Romo is also a mobile QB who outperformed Bledsoe in the preseason and did it consistently. It comes down to who gives you the best chance to win. Then there is Brett Favre and the Packers. The Packers are terrible and aren't going anywhere fast. Favre still has some talent left, but he is getting older and can't do it all by himself. He is also hindering the progress of Aaron Rodgers by starting. The question is does Brett sit to pave a way for the future which is already under way or keep your pride and keep going out their every Sunday. Then on the otherside of the coin, Rodgers hasn't blown away the coaches either. He still is probably a year away from even beginning to make an impact.

My conclusion: Bench Brett Favre before Drew Bledsoe. The Cowboys are still considered a playoff team and this was the first game. Plus Bledsoe didn't get much work in with Terrell Owens which could of also made a big difference. While the Packers are absolutley terrible. Instead of getting shutout with Favre behind the gun, have Rodgers do it and gain valuable experience of learning to read defenses and so forth. In the end, the lack of talent to win this season is the ultimate reason that Favre should be benched before Bledsoe.

Admin Edit: I included Plummer.
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