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Originally Posted by DMWSackMachine
Originally Posted by Jughead10
Also still defending Bledsoe I see when many other Cowboy fans and the rest of the world agree that he is not a great QB anymore. I think it is a big of an exagerration (mostly because of frustration) by the original poster about how much better Eli is than Bledsoe, but I tend to agree with him.

That is kind of my point in this whole deal. You must realize that roughly 95% of all fans are of the "casual" variety, and have their opinions dictated by media propaganda such as NFL Live, Total Access, Sportscenter and Inside the NFL. I am acutely aware of this this particular season because I've seen the discrepency between what has been reported in the on-going "TO Saga" vs. what has actually happened. It really is a disgrace.

The way this affects the Bledsoe situation is that it is the knee-jerk, rush-to-judgment analysis that is based more off of highlight reels and "inside sources", a.k.a. fabrications, than reality and honest-to-goodness analysis of his play.

The result is people like #10 who really haven't seen that much of him, don't know anything about the coaching staff's sentiments regarding his play, and yet feel like they are the experts on the situation because guys like Salisbury, Schlereth, Golic, Faulk and Schefter(don't even get me started on how unqualified this guy is to be analyzing football) are all slamming him and his ability.

Now, I understand that Bledsoe has not been all-world so far this season. I understand that he has struggled in the most important game he has played so far this year. But to simply ignore his production and excellence during the majority of the season while magnifying his mistakes, even if they were in crucial junctures, is the kind of skin-deep judgmental stupidity that I detest. All I am trying to do is provide a little levity to the discussion. I feel like a broken record here.

Don't sit there and tell me I don't watch enough of the Cowboys. I have watched 3 full Cowboys games (start to end) and caught glimpses of the others. My roomate and best friend is a Cowboys fan who by the way wants Bledsoe out at starting QB.

Look no further than some of the Cowboys fans that are calling for Romo to take over the helm before you try to look down on me for being under the correct impression that Eli Manning is a better QB than Drew Bledsoe.
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