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ripdw27 hopes to escalate quickly but not get out of hand.

i remember like everything from that list, im 91, so yea im a 90s kid.

i loved the original cartoons - rugrats, aah real monsters, scooby doo, tom n jerry, gumby, um the old frosty the snowman, doug.. list goes on.

i had one pair of lite up shoes in my life, i thought i was so cool.

never had a cartoon lunchbox, iwas deprived.

still have a power rangers undies in my drawer from when i was like 6 lol

i LOVED space jam.. that movie was the bomb.. i would watch it once a day, sometiems twice on saturdays (once in the morning and one more if anyone spent the nite)

i did have beanie babies

i remember goin to see titanic at the theaters, n falling asleep with my best friend, i had no idea i was at one of the better movies ever made lol

i remember playin madden 64 n 99 on my nintendo 64

and mario kart

i remember our first comp, it already had games on it , one was like galaxia that game was tight (not quite the 90s but close maybe even late 90s?)

i remember watching the broncos with my dad when they had the orange n light blue jerseys, and that number 7 guy throwin touchdowns

on the other hand, i remember goin to my aunts house to watch packers, me n my cousin would play football in the halls (we were 6-7 maybe 8, so we fit lol)n get scared when everyone would yell YEEEAAAH! when they scored lol
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