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Space Ghost
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Default Mike Williams

I was wondering, if the Lions released Mike Williams this off season, would your team be willing to give him a chance?

He wasn't even that bad of a rookie last year considering he put up the same stats as Troy Williamson who had more experience, more money, was picked higher and wasn't over weight and out of shape coming off of a bad injury.

I think that he could be just as good as Mike Furrey has been this year for the Lions and probably better. I would hope that my Bills would give him a chance if the Lions released him after the season, I bet a lot of teams would give him a chance for the right price and a couple teams might even be willing to drop some solid coinage on him if he shows up for workouts in shape and looking good.

I know he has an attitude and a poor work ethic, but the kid is only 22 right now and could still be in college right now putting up the same stats as Dwayne Jarrett is for USC. I actually would hope that the Bills gave him a shot because we need a bigger receiver, ours are all fast and have no size to them at all.

Would your team give Mike Williams a shot?
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