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Originally Posted by bearsfan_51
Just so you know there's no y in tirade.

Everyone keep in mind that Danman, as the biggest Michigan homer in the galaxy, is the biggest apologist for Edwards and lives in Chicago, meaning he likely never watches the Browns.

I like Braylon Edwards but he's made a ton of mistakes this year. He's best known at this point in his career for dropping catches at big moments in the game. Kellen Winslow is by far the best offensive player on this team, Edwards is at best second banana.

Second of all, Edwards has a gigantic ego. Because you likely haven't heard a press conference since he was at Michigan you have no idea. He called out his own player last week and has on numerous occasions talked *********** to opposing teams and then gone out and got his ass handed to him. Not to mention he wore a pink suit to the draft.

Third of all, Charlie Frye is a sacrificial lamb for this team. There have been numerous times where he can barely conduct a press conference because he's gotten his brains scrambled so much. If there is one player on this team that deserves to simply be left alone on the sidelines it's Charlie. Braylon is out of his mind in thinking he is the leader of this team.
I like how he takes a shot at me when he knows nothing about me, what a jerk.

BF51, I have seen at least 5 Browns games this year thanks to NFL cable packages. I have seen them against Pitt, Atlanta, San Diego, Oakland, and last weeks game

Edwards ego is nothing compared to the one of TO, Moss, or CJ. Quit acting like he is a cancer to the team.

Also if Braylon is not the leader, who is? At least he is making an effort. Its sad when a second year player is the only one who is trying o rev up the team. Just sad.

Also what does a pink suit have to do with the draft.

Also that talking crap thing. Wasn't that against the Steelers? Where he had 7 receptions for about 137 yards? Yeah, bad day at the office (assuming it was that game).
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