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Space Ghost
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Originally Posted by remix 6
Originally Posted by Space Ghost
Originally Posted by remix 6
^thats good. future comes down to Portis and Gore

Portis btw is the youngest to reach 5000 yards i believe
Yeah, but with any team other than Denver and if he wasn't barely 20 when he started his NFL career that would be different. Denver makes Olandis Gary look good for crying out loud.

I agree that Portis is great and I had him as the number one rusher this season which obviously isn't happening due to injury. I had Gore finishing around 9th in rushing after the Barlow trade.

I don't think McGahee deserves so much credit because I have watched every single one of his NFL games so far as a Bills fan. He is a great back, but he won't do much unless he has good blocking and runs on the outside and gets 25 carries a game. If only he hadn't killed that knee, then again if it weren't for that he wouldn't have fallen to the Bills, so it worked out for the Bills I guess...

James to me hasn't been very good since his first major injury with the Colts, since then he has just been above average and not a top teir back, he was a a hall of fame pace but then he got hurt and was more of a multi pro bowler who might get a shot at the hall of fame in a very weak crop.

I think that I will withdraw my previous choice of Gore after thinking about it more and I think that Portis is the best of the bunch once again and he is my ultra ultra early pick for best back next year in terms of per game production at least because of his injury problems.

They are all great... pretty much I have Gore and Portis and then right behind them McGahee and James. I would like to see what Gore would be like without the injuries, that would just be scary :shock:
or McGahee without the blown knee.

but its too late to say that. all 4 are very talented but at this point its Gore verse Portis
Pretty much.

I can't wait until the Auburn version of this starts with Caddy, Ronnie, Rudi and Kenny. I am going to be all over that, hopefully that won't be for another 2-3 years though, but I know someone will jump the gun.
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