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Originally Posted by njx9
Originally Posted by someone447
Have you watched the games? Just about every big play was given up by the safeties or the nickleback. NOT ALL, but most. Cover 2 isn't the only defense that has safeties deep... Most of the deep passes(in the games I have seen) were either when the packers were in Cover 2 or Cover 3, and many of them were deep posts that the player ran right by either of the safeties. Then when Ahmad Carrol was still on the team he gave up about 430195783214650912340176450726346529086309259230 pass yards. Now Patrick Dendy isn't much of an upgrade. Yes, both Harris and Woodson have given up some plays, BUT SO DOES EVERY CORNERBACK!!!
cover 2 is one of the FEW defenses in which the cornerbacks have zero deep responsibility. in cover 3, one of the corners is deep. in most variants, they have some man responsibility (again, unless you're a strict zone team, something no packers fan has suggested to this point in the season). i don't recall ahmad carroll being manned up with any team's #1 receiver, but if he was, that alone says something about al harris's ineffectiveness against a top wr. as would the fact that they apparently have to shield him and woodson from playing deep by shifting most (yes, i saw you say not all) of the responsibility off the shoulders of the cbs. it's just an extraordinarily weak argument for a player, especially right after showing that NUMEROUS #1 receivers have had big days (or big plays) against the packers secondary.
Man you seriously need to stop talking out of your a$$. If you watched any of the Packer games you would know exactly what we are talking about. The deep passes where Harris got beat were the safties fault. It wasn't because they got beat, it was because of communication breakdowns. Like I said if you watched even one of those packer games you would know what we are talking about. Yes Harris may have gotten burnt a couple of times, but every corner has gotten beaten once or twice in this league. No one is perfect.

I seriously do not get how someone can literally voice their opinion on this thread when they don't have a ******* clue what they are talking about. I know I am a Packer fan and there might be a little bias in me, I however do know that some of those long passes for TD's where because of communication breakdowns not because Al Harris got burnt.
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