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Default Is it true that...

... a QB that passes more will get sacked more?

For some reason, "baronzeus" is trying to argue that a QB that passes more WILL get sacked more, and I don't feel it is true.

Originally Posted by baronzeus
So you don't agree that in general a team that passes more will be sacked more? Seems like a silly argument. Using premium pass rush stopping O-lines as a counterexample doesn't really pose a good argument.
I even provided the following information:

QBs - Most Passing Attempts:

Brett Favre - 613 Attempts - 21 Sacks
Jon Kitna - 596 Attempts - 63 Sacks
Marc Bulger - 588 Attempts - 49 Sacks
Peyton Manning - 557 Attempts - 14 Sacks
Drew Brees - 554 Attempts - 18 Sacks

Peyton Manning and Drew Brees were two of the least-sacked QBs in the NFL, while Marc Bulger and Jon Kitna were two of the most. Brett Favre had a THIRD of the sacks that Jon Kitna had, and less than half of the sacks that Marc Bulger had. Green Bay, Indianapolis and New Orleans are 3 of the 5 teams that gave up the fewest sacks.

Other QBs - Passing Attempts - Sacks

Daunte Culpepper - 134 Attempts - 21 Sacks
Trent Green - 198 Attempts - 24 Sacks
Aaron Brooks - 192 Attempts - 26 Sacks
Andrew Walter - 276 Attempts - 46 Sacks
Bruce Gradkowski - 328 Attempts - 25 Sacks

Peyton Manning passed more times than Daunte Culpepper, Trent Green and Aaron Brooks combined (524 attempts), and was sacked less than each of them individually. Andrew Walter passed 312 times less than Marc Bulger, but was sacked only 3 times fewer.

How can he think this is true? I believe that the quality of the offensive line and the talent of the QB dictate how much the QB will get sacked, he believes the number of passing attempts dictates how much the QB will get sacked.

Which is it?
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