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BaLLiN is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.BaLLiN is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.BaLLiN is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.BaLLiN is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.BaLLiN is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.BaLLiN is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.BaLLiN is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.BaLLiN is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.BaLLiN is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.BaLLiN is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.BaLLiN is kind of a big deal around here, people know him.
Default 2011 Nfl Draft Results

My take on the draft:

1(19). Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska

- A CB was clearly not a need at the moment with two very good corners in Corey Webster and Terrell Thomas, but with Thomas and Ross (often injured) having contract years this next season as well as Bruce Johnson not contributing in 6 games before injury after a pretty good rookie season.

-Prince, Jimmy Smith, and Patrick Peterson were probably all relatively close as pure cornerback prospects. Smith and Peterson both had better numbers, although Prince seemed to be the more instinctive player of the three. The one difference between Prince and the other two is that he can play any coverage and play it very well whereas both do not do as well in off coverage.

-With Prince falling to 19 the Giants had no real other options left after Tyron Smith being picked and even Solder (who im sure no giants fan liked bc we have already had 2 project OT's that have not panned out just yet). Prince had to be the pick.


2(52). Marvin Austin DT North Carolina

- DT is definitely a need with Bernard being awful (FA pickup 2 years ago from Seattle), Canty not being a traditional NT, Cofield being a FA and unlikely to come back after reportedly requesting a trade, and Linval Joseph barely getting any playing time.

- Austin could be among or even above the top two prospects as far as physical ability, but Austin has never put it together to live up to these great physical measures. He was not worth a top 15 pick, and if he had played i doubt he would've improved his stock. We can either MAKE a steal or have drafted a dud.

- Austin's abilities falling to that point and his potential make this pick interesting and because of our trust in our DL coaching it is easy for our GM and Coach to feel this is a steal.

MY GRADE: B (should be a 'grade pending')

3(83). Jerrel Jernigan WR Troy

- Value here no doubt, with Smith being a FA the FO might want to take proper precautions by drafting a replacement, but if not he is a sensational returner (we have not had one of these consistently for a long long long time) and another WR to prevent from having to sign guys off the street and not knowing the offense at all.

- Not a polished receiver, not a #1 by any means or a #2 option probably, but the slot position is rapidly increasing in impact in the NFL and he sure fits that position to a 'T'.

- Returner, Slot replacement potentially, and even a gadget player is another weapon that adds dimension to our offense, and keeps us from relying too much on one receiving threat as it seems we do with Nicks, Smith, and Mario way too often at times.


4(117). James Brewer OT Indiana

- 4th round is about good for him given his tag as a project player, thought it was a bit annoying that we continually pick these kind of players at OT instead of going out and getting a clearcut answer.

- Not a finished product but like a few others such as Gilbert, Solder, and even Franklin, has the tools to be a very good starter at left/right tackle.

- In a draft of a lot of good OT's but nothing spectacular such as a Jake Long or Joe Thomas it might make sense to stray away from taking a guy just based off of need and hoping he can do the job. Brewer seems more like a RT with his capability to be a very good run blocker, but also potential to be an LT with nimble feet being a former basketball player is a testament to his athleticism.


6(185). Greg Jones LB Michigan State

- Value/Need combo, lucky that a linebacker with his ability fell this far when we didn't have a 5th, and with the lack of impressive interior linebackers it makes sense that we would not want to go for one early in this draft.

-Jones was considered to be a late 1st/early 2nd round pick with the season he had as a junior, but with size question marks (his weight and height) it was never really a complete evaluation. Jones although probably ranked as a mid round pick this year, is definitely going to outplay his draft position.

-Special teams, intermediate and middle of the field pass coverage, and especially pursuit have been areas of concern for us. Greg jones would make for an excellent special teams player, but I believe he could get playing time early because of his ability to play as a nickel linebacker (being a very good blitzer and fluid in coverage with long arms to make up for shortness) and one of his best attributes if not his best is his ability to close in a hurry which showed with his tackle numbers. I think this is the gem of our draft.


6(198). Tyler Sash S Iowa

- Safety really isn't a need in my opinion, but Kenny Phillips did have an injury that may bother him throughout his career without warning. Deon Grant (i think) and Michael Johnson are FA's and both had starting experience with us and did very good jobs for the most part, losing them and having a constant question mark in Phillips is not something you would like to leave without something to fall back on. Chad Jones would've been that support, but he had a possibly career ending car accident last year.

- Sash's biggest knock is athleticism, but his numbers, football instincts, and ball skills were among the best safeties in this draft. The sixth round was a slip too far for him, but the Giants definitely benefited.

-Sash will likely only be a special teams player and a backup, but he could see action because of Kenny's injury bothering him at any time, He needs to work on wrapping up, but with his instincts and ballskills getting a backup with the expense of a 6th round pick was great.


6(202). Jacquain Williams LB USF

-Who dat? Who dere? Williams was a captain and through limited film looks like he is a special teamer, i doubt he will ever be more than that for us, but with limited resources on him and only a few years of major college football (he was a JUCO transfer) there is still alot to learn about his potential.


7(221). Da'Rel Scott RB Maryland

- RB is something we should look at with Bradshaw being a FA and possible intentions of letting Jacobs go because of his inconsistency. This will certainly not stop us from looking in FA, but if Bradshaw and Jacobs both are back he probably won't make the team.

- Scott was a highly touted RB coming into college, injuries put a damper on his development and his lateral mobility (ankle injury). He definitely is worth a flier because of his speed and completely clean profile. He seems like a very likeable guy coming from a hard situation with his parents, high character. He isn't Chris Johnson, but he could become a good change of pace guy if these injuries dont continue to be a trend.



I thought we did a good job of going out and taking valuable guys and not being scared of the holes we might leave. I was a little upset we didnt try to go out and get certain players such as Tyron Smith and even Leshoure in the third, but i really like what we did given the lack of talent at positions of need. I really thought that getting Bowers with our second and moving Tuck to UT would've been great, but its easier said than done without considering the injury.

I can only imagine how nasty our defense could be if used correctly.

DE: Justin Tuck, Mathias Kiwanuka (?), JPP
NT: Chris Canty, Linval Joseph
UT: Barry Cofield (?), Marvin Austin, Rocky Bernard (?)
DE: Osi, JPP

WLB: Michael Boley, Gerris Wilkinson (?)
MLB: Jonathan Goff, Greg Jones, Phillip Dillard,
SLB: Clint Sintim, Chase Blackburn (?), Phillip Dillard

CB: Corey Webster, Prince Amukamara
FS: Antrel Rolle, Chad Jones (?), Michael Johnson (?)
SS: Kenny Phillips, Deon Grant (?), Tyler Sash
CB: Terrel Thomas, Aaron Ross, Bruce Johnson

my god that is orgasmic

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