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Default 5 Round NYG Post Combine Mock

1st- Mike Adams, OT, OSU

Pass blocking: Tall, long, athletic pass protector. Generally gets out of three-point stance with good knee bend and a wide base. Improving his ability to use his hands to redirect rushers and late blitzers away from the pocket. Power rushers lose most battles, good anchor in close quarters, will reset hands and move feet to sustain. Stops his feet after initial contact at times, relying on length but allowing defender to get the corner or spin inside.

Run blocking: Solid positional run blocker who flashes some nastiness. Attacks his man when necessary, though he won't consistently dominate him and will lose his balance by overextending. Quick feet, can get inside of tackle to wall off inside and reach linebackers at the second level adeptly. Nice punch which he uses to knock down smaller defenders with one extension. Height a detriment in short-yardage plays, defender can get under his pads to hold the line. Flashes the ability to move his man with his hands, but is not yet consistent in this area.

Pulling/trapping: Best on the outside due to his height and athleticism, but is capable of blocking on the move if required. Effective in space as he usually drops his hips to get leverage and sustain against shorter defenders.

Initial Quickness: Obvious Quick-twitch movement off the snap in pass protection and as a run blocker. Finds defenders with his hands immediately and gets feet moving to engage and sustain. Can be beat off the edge, however, when coming out of his stance in panic to reach speedy wide rushers.

Downfield: Possesses the quickness out of his stance and footwork to be effective in front of screens. Willing to get out in front of ballcarriers to take out defensive backs and linebackers. Used at tight end on unbalanced lines, displays agility to reach the second level when uncovered in that role.

2nd- Vinny Curry, DE, Marshall

Pass rush: Relentless and strong off the edge as a pass rusher when fresh. Gets under the pads of tackles to bull rush them into the backfield. Gives second and third effort to reach the passer. Uses his hands to swim past linemen. Struggles to beat cut blocks with his hands. Inconsistent get-off, stands straight up into his blocker and does not shed later in games. Plays a bit out of control, loses his balance when trying to shake tackles. Challenge interior linemen with quickness and strong hands when lined up inside.

Run defense: Chase defender outside, has good closing speed and hustle to get to ballcarriers running to or away from him. Works through multiple blockers to get to the ball, or at least force plays to other defenders. May take a false step inside on zone reads, but generally stays at home to keep containment.

Explosion: Usually comes off the snap in a hurry and very strong from either side of the formation. May not beat NFL tackles as a pure speed rusher, but will challenge their upfield shoulder. Quick enough to take inside lane if tackle guesses on speed rush. His initial quickness lets up later in games.

Strength: Plays with intensity and a nice anchor even when giving up 40-50 pounds against most blockers. Shows pop as a bull rusher. Stands up well against the run when lined up at five-technique, but must prove he has the bulk and strength to handle NFL linemen one-on-one or double-teams before moving inside.

Tackling: Possesses NFL-caliber length and strength as a tackler. Makes backside plays with regularity when zone schemes leave him unblocked. Gives great effort, following the ball to either sideline no matter where he is lined up. Adds himself to piles as the third or fourth defender. Spins off piles inside and finds the ballcarrier to drag him down.

Intangibles: Team leader, younger players look up to him. Positive attitude in the locker room, works well with the media. Hustle on the field reflects work ethic off the field. No major off-field incidents. Could have entered the draft in 2011 as a potential top 100 pick, chose to return to "win a championship".

3rd- Kelechi Osemele, OL, Iowa State

Pass blocking: Aggressive pass blocker with NFL-caliber length and thick frame. Plays with a wide base and locks onto rush ends with very strong hands. Few college defenders can bull rush against his strong anchor or get around his long arms to reach the quarterback. His pass pro technique needs work, however, and he stands up after the snap, lateral quickness is inconsistent, crosses his feet, and gets off balance too easily, giving up the corner against fast ends. Lacks recovery speed to prevent secondary rush if beaten in inside lane. Susceptible to holding calls when reaching or being a bit overaggressive.

Run blocking: Possesses a guard build, with a little extra girth in the middle, and is bulldozer as a run blocker inside. Uses strong upper body to latch onto and control any defender getting into his path. Finishes blocks. Agile enough to down-black the tackle then reach a linebacker waiting in the box. Will even jump towards a second target if he sees back coming through the hole. Need to work on getting low in short-yardage situations. Inconsistent cut blocker, more effective when getting down to prevent backside pursuit in run game rather than bringing down rushers on quick passes.

Pulling/trapping: Owns short-area quickness to trap, and will negate targets in that role, but is most effective when staying in tight quarters or moving straight-ahead off the snap. Would be limited to hitting first target and could get in running back's way if asked to pull.

Initial Quickness: Gets his massive frame moving more quickly than anticipated off the snap. Good explosion from three-point stance. Jumps inside to wall off defenders from inside lanes and is effective taking out tackle's shoulder on zone-blocking plays.

Downfield: Lacks great foot speed to adjust to smaller defenders but gives good effort to get to second level or further. Attacks targets and attempts to sustain instead of just punching. Bends at the waist, overextends while holding block in space but is generally effective due to his size and strong hands.

Intangibles: Plays with legitimate nastiness, gets after it on every play and will through the whistle if challenged. Smart player who called out blitzes, has changed positions in college, and works hard to improve every year.

4th- Derek Wolfe, DT, Cincy

Strengths: Has a tall, solid frame with adequate length and has done a nice job losing the bad weight and firming his body. Has a quick first step with fluid movements off the ball. A natural bender, staying low and using leverage to force his way into the backfield. Highly competitive and fierce, showing relentless effort to the pocket with a nonstop motor. Has very good awareness, keeping his head on a swivel with a good feel to quickly locate and react to the play. Tough as nails with a physical attitude and often attracts double-teams. An extremely hard worker in the weight room and doesn?t let up in practice. Versatile in college, lining up in several different spots, including moving to nose tackle over the center on third downs. Stayed durable over his career, starting the final 38 games of his collegiate career. Was productive at Cincinnati, especially as a senior when he led the conference in tackles for loss (21.5) and had career-highs in tackles (70) and sacks (9.5).

Negatives: Only average lower-body strength and struggles to anchor at the point of attack. Bit of a defensive end/defensive tackle ?tweener who struggles in traffic with multiple blockers, not always using his limbs effectively to disengage. Will allow his body to get too upright at times and needs to consistently keep his pad level down to be effective. Not a quick-twitch player and struggles to quickly change directions with some body stiffness. Has streaky hand placement and usage, abandoning his technique. Lacks a natural position and there will be some concerns as to where he will fit best at the next level.

5th- Vontaze Burfict, MLB, ASU

Read & React: Brings good instincts to the middle of a defense, but his reaction time is what stands out for a player his size. Combining that reaction time with his speed results in crushing hits. A step late recognizing screens at times and can be fooled by misdirection in the offensive line because he relies on his keys.

Run defense: Between-the-tackles thumper with mike linebacker upper and lower-body builds, but also agile and quick enough to get through gaps to make plays in the backfield. Avoids lineman blocks in space with quickness, strong hands, and even a dip move, though he lines up seven yards off the line to see them coming. Also strong enough to anchor against lineman blocks; could be more consistent shedding to reach ballcarrier as he runs by.

Pass defense: Agile enough to attack throws in front of him when in zone, can make the big hit which separates the ball from his man. Taken out in nickel packages, though, as he lacks the suddenness to get a deep drop or handle jerk routes of quicker slot receivers. Must read the quarterback's eyes to jump and affect passing lanes if not getting home on the blitz.

Tackling: Explosive tackler who gets low to stop backs in their tracks. Plays like a downhill missile on most snaps, making huge hits that result in turnovers. Also brings down backs by their leg if slipping down during the tackle. Anchors quickly after inserting himself into a pile to prevent forward pushes. Capable of reaching either sideline on a given play, taking deep angles when needed to prevent the touchdown. Gets low to shoulder down college backs, but NFL ballcarriers may avoid those tackles. Misses some tackles when trying to intimidate with a lowered helmet or shoulder instead of wrapping up.

Pass Rush/Blitz: Used as a blitzer off the edge and up the middle, showing a lot of potential by pressuring quarterbacks into throws but rarely getting home (zero sacks in 2010). Explodes from his stance but lacks a variety of moves and does not use his hands to beat initial block. Athletic enough to jump over running back cut pass pro blocks, but should be able to bully them instead.

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