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Ex-Seattle Fan hopes to escalate quickly but not get out of hand.
Thumbs down Seattle Burning

Ok, tonight I was the at the top of my top 10 maddest moments ever! When I saw that my team picked the thug in their first round pick I hit the roof. I would rather be with my team through down times instead of them stooping to the level they did today with selecting Bruce Irvine. This is how mad I was after the reality set in they selected Bruce referred henceforth as "the thug," I gathered up 7 Seattle shirts, a light weight jacket, 5 Seattle hats, and a few other items of with the team on it including my door mat, 17 plastic cups, and my magnetic Seattle sticky on my Jeep I had myself a burning. I walked out back with all of these items and piled them up in a neat little pile, poured some gasoline over the top of these items and tossed a match! I sit there and watched as them items was burning fuming myself I pondered what next? Do I switch teams? Who would I pick, I mean I have had respect for several players throughout the NFL such as Payton Manning, Brett Farve, Tim Tebow, and others who would I choose? Then it hit me, not only did the Seattle Seahawks let me down with their choice with the thug at any round but especially the first pick of the first round, but the NFL let me down as well. The thug should have been removed with his last convection just before hand from eligibility to be a part of the draft. I understand second chances and agree that people make mistakes and can learn from them but this thug has not messed up once but many times. He couldn't finish high school, his own mother kicked him out of the house, he broke into a drug dealers house and after parts of that you would think he would learn but then his last ordeal proves that this thug is a thug and has no ability to learn from his stupidity. At this point that is exactly what it is and is in no means is in a position to be allowed the opportunity to be a role model right now. I'm not saying he should never be allowed a chance at playing in the NFL but at this time he needs to learn consequences. Seattle and the NFL just concreted to the thug that he can do whatever he wants with minimum or no repercussions. He is a ticking time bomb and I have very serious doubts if he will make it a full year before doing something even worse such as killing someone because my ex-team Seattle Seahawks and the NFL made a statement that if your an excellent player with skills the rules does not apply to you. Yes I know he has skills and potential but at this stage in his life he is an adult. If Seattle thinks they can bring him in and teach, train, correct habits, etc they are seriously wrong. It isn't the responsibility of Seattle or the NFL to teach someone the right ways and how to make right choices as a "supposedly man" should. So my decision is I'll stick to my college football on Friday & Saturdays and I'll spend my time do something else rather than being a viewer of the NFL or Seattle Seahacks on Sunday and Monday night football. How serious am I? Well lets just say I am a huge fan of baseball and loved my beloved Atlanta Braves but after the greediness of the players and the resulting strike in the 90's I have yet to attend a game or watch a single game on TV. I went from attending 10 or so games a year to zero since the strike. I'm assuming they are still playing professional baseball but don't really know because I watch nothing concerning it anymore now for over 10 years. So when I say I'm upset with stupid decisions on the part of players or programs in professional sports I mean it and I back it up with my abstinence from being a fan or viewer. I guess I would allow a grace period for the NFL to correct this horrible mistake but I'm done with Seattle Seahacks because today they proved they stoop to any level to get ahead including picking a criminal and thug to their program. I would have preferred to watch them loose every game this year with a quality squad instead of winning every game with such a loser. Yes he is a talented loser but a poor excuse for a man and has no business as being placed into a potential role model position until he grows up and learns what being a man is and how to make the right decisions as a man instead of a hoodlum! He should have been banned for at least one if not two years from being eligible to enter the draft so that he learns life's lesson that your actions have consequences and you must pay that debit when you make poor decisions so that you can learn. As I stood there and watched the fire go out of the once proudly collected Seattle Logo items turn into ashes I thought to myself what was both Seattle and the NFL thinking? I strongly urge everyone out there to express their unhappiness with Seattle's poor decision buy replying to my post, cancel season tickets to Seattle games, send the team protest emails, and simply be heard that we as fans will not tolerate stupidity and bad decision making on the parts of the NFL and Seattle Sea"thugs."
An Ex-Seattle Fan & NFL spectator
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