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Default Live Mock Draft 2013

Good afternoon,

Long time listener, first time caller here. I figured some of you, being extreme draftniks, may be interested in an opportunity to participate in this event I'm running. It will take place this weekend (Saturday or Sunday) at some part of the internet to be determined (Perhaps even here, if the powers that be have the ability to make it happen).

It's a Live Mock Draft. You've probably seen something like it before, but here's the cliffs notes - We get people to play the role of GM for all 32 teams. The roster is yours... Draft players, trade picks, trade players, the list goes on. The team is your lump of clay to mold as you see fit. This draft is done in a chat room setting, so you have everybody present at the same time, ready to wheel and deal and pick, which makes for a pretty nice atmosphere and a great time!

The goal is to get through all 7 rounds this weekend, which means it would be a large time commitment, but I'm sure there are some here who are enthusiastic enough to do just that. I have openings for most team GMs, and would prefer to have someone that is a fan or has an interest in the team they represent. Those folks (usually) are more well informed about the team and what their front office will do. While it is a fun weekend, we strive for realism as much as is possible.

Long story longer, the draft will take place from 11am to 10pm this Saturday and Sunday (Times are CENTRAL). I would like to have all teams accounted for by Thursday so people can have a chance to do pre-draft trading if necessary. If I don't have teams assigned by then, I'll be handing off orphaned teams to some of my LMD veterans. While they do their best and are knowledgeable, surely you'd rather have someone repping your team that is in tune to what's going on with them, yes?

Should you want to sign up, post in this thread or send me a PM. Once I get a chat location and place to host finalized (Which could be here if the PTB are up for it), we'll discuss and move forward.

Sorry for being so long-winded, have a great day and happy drafting!
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