NFL Draft Interview
Marion Grice | Arizona St. Sun Devils

Marion Grice Interview
November 1, 2013

There weren't any running backs chosen in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft, which is the first time that has happened in fifty years. Whether that was a sign of things to come or merely an aberration remains to be seen but regardless of when some team pulls the trigger Marion Grice of Arizona St. may be the first senior off the board at the position in the 2014 NFL Draft. A well-rounded prospect who is effective as both a runner and pass catcher, Grice is a scoring machine who can put points on the board with the very best of them. Grice is enjoying a standout senior campaign for the Sun Devils but was kind enough to carve some time out of his extremely busy schedule for an interview with Draft Countdown's Scott Wright.

Scott Wright: What is your accurate height, weight and forty time?

Marion Grice: I am 6-0 and 205 pounds. Eventually after the season Iíd like to try and pick up some good weight and get up to 210 pounds. We practice the forty but they didnít tell me my time. Basically just getting some reps.

Scott Wright: You are on pace to break the Sun Devils career record for touchdowns in just two seasons. Do you feel there is a special trait that you possess that gives you such a nose for the endzone?

Marion Grice: My coaches just put me in a good position and give me the opportunities to make plays and I do.

Scott Wright: Not only are you a great runner but you are also one of the teams leading receivers and have made a lot of big plays as a pass catcher. Do those receiving skills come naturally or is that something youíve worked on?

Marion Grice: It came naturally. I could always catch the ball but I didnít always have the opportunity to show it. In Pop Warner I played quarterback before moving to running back and have never played wide receiver.

Scott Wright: In 2012 you essentially shared the workload equally with three other runners but in 2013 you have been the featured guy in the Arizona St. backfield. Which role do you prefer and feel you are most effective in?

Marion Grice: I just want to be consistent overall. I like being the starter and everything because it gives me the opportunity to show Iím a complete back who can pass protect, catch the ball and run it.

Scott Wright: How would you describe your game to someone who has never seen you play? What are your greatest strengths as a football player and what area do you need to work on the most?

Marion Grice: Iím a balanced back. I can run out of the backfield, I can catch passes, I can run the ball downhill. One of the areas that I will always continue to work on is pass pro. I want to be an every-down back so you canít just run and catch. You have to be able to protect the quarterback too.

Scott Wright: What current NFL running back do you most admire and who do you think you compare favorably to?

Marion Grice: I like Adrian Peterson. I look at guys like Arian Foster and Matt Forte because they can catch the ball too.

Scott Wright: How would you describe your personality? Is it different on the field?

Marion Grice: Itís a little different. I am pretty quiet and stay to myself a lot. I donít have a problem talking to anyone but I feel you learn a lot from just listening.

Scott Wright: What are your favorite and least favorite parts of playing football?

Marion Grice: My favorite part about playing football is gameday. I would say my least favorite part is waking up early in the morning.

Scott Wright: Did you have a favorite team and player growing up?

Marion Grice: I liked everyone and didnít have a favorite team or player. I just love to watch the game and learn.

Scott Wright: Who is the best opposing player you have faced during your career?

Marion Grice: Thatís a good question. Our season isnít over yet so it could change but so far the best is the running back from Washington (Bishop Sankey). A lot of people told me about his game but our defense did a pretty good job of stopping him so I didnít get a chance to see all he could so. Last year it was Arizona RB KaíDeem Carey.

Scott Wright: Is there one younger player at Arizona St. that NFL Draft fans should keep an eye on for the future?

Marion Grice: I would say Jaelen (Strong) or Cameron Smith.

Scott Wright: If you could go back in time and give some advice to the 18-year-old version of yourself what would it be?

Marion Grice: Just continue to work hard. I took a lot of days off when I was 18-years-old so I feel like I cheated myself in the long run. I should have worked harder.

Scott Wright: If you had a day all to yourself away from football, what would you do?

Marion Grice: I enjoy video games and hanging out with my dog.

Scott Wright: What do you plan to do once your playing career is over?

Marion Grice: Work in the field I'm going to graduate in (Communications & Sociology).

Scott Wright: What current pro are you looking forward to going up against in the NFL?

Marion Grice: There isnít an individual player but I want to go up against those good defenses and challenge myself. Iím looking forward to the opportunity to play against the Steelers, Ravens, Bears and those types of teams.

Scott Wright: When you get your first NFL paycheck what is the first thing you will buy?

Marion Grice: Pay bills if I have any to pay. Otherwise Iím more of a saver and wonít spend much right away.

Scott Wright: What is the most embarrassing song on your iPod?

Marion Grice: I would say Drake Ė a love song by Drake.

Scott Wright: Do you intend to play in any all-star games such as the Senior Bowl?

Marion Grice: I havenít received anything yet but Iím looking for it. I want to play in the Senior Bowl and challenge myself against the best.

Scott Wright: Itís still early but do you have any goals in mind when it comes to the NFL Draft (Round 1, Round 2 or 3, etc.)?

Marion Grice: I want to do something different and would like to go first round.

Scott Wright: I really appreciate the time. Take care and best of luck.

Scott Wright is the founder and President of Draft An authority in the field, he has been scouting players and evaluating the NFL Draft since 1993 and has been featured as a football expert by media outlets all across the country.

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